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Rich Mitchell – Navigating Burnout and Living Within our Full Potential

Rich Mitchell is a a certified Life Coach through The Life Coach School. He helps high achieving professionals overcome burnout so they can get fired up about their personal and professional lives. He is a Life Coach for single dads on a mission to help single dads level up to their fullest potential. 

Symptoms and Signs of Burnout

One of the ways Rich Mitchell describes his burnout is through his engagement in various distractions. He admits to looking at his phone during work and avoiding people he was supposed to work with. These actions demonstrate a lack of focus and disinterest in his job, which are common symptoms of burnout. Rich also mentions that he stopped focusing on improving his own craft and instead focused on helping others improve theirs as a school administrator. This shift in focus indicates a loss of passion and motivation for his own work.

Reflections on Career Path and Burnout

As Rich Mitchell reflects on his career, he realizes that burnout has been a recurring theme for him. He shares an anecdote about being asked to include goals of becoming a building leader, principal, or superintendent in his goal sheet. However, he tells his supervisor that he is not interested in pursuing these positions, which he now recognizes as a sign that he was already feeling burnt out and not motivated to advance in his career.

Gaining Clarity Through Burnout

Rich’s experience highlights the impact of burnout on one’s professional life. It can lead to disengagement, a lack of focus, and a loss of passion for one’s work. However, amidst the burnout, Rich Mitchell also gained clarity about what he did not want in his career. He realized that he did not want to continue down a path that would lead to more stress and burnout. This clarity allowed him to make the decision to move on to a different career path, specifically life coaching.

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Communicate openly about burnout.
  2. Take micro steps for improvement.
  3. Don’t live life burnt out. 

What You’ll Learn

00:01:28 Burnout can lead to disengagement and distraction in work.

00:07:19 Knowing what you don’t want.

00:15:24 Ignoring signs of burnout is dangerous.

00:19:15 Recognize signs of burnout early.

00:21:30 Prioritize family and personal growth.

00:30:51 Impact of burnout on relationships.

00:34:40 Importance of communication in relationships.

00:39:51 Address burnout with strategic planning.

00:44:58 Identify areas of fulfillment.

00:50:07 Take micro steps for improvement.

00:57:39 Overcoming burnout and finding fulfillment.

00:59:05 Avoid burnout, live life legendary.


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