Sobered Up, So Now What? with Steve Galatioto

Sobered Up, So Now What? with Steve Galatioto

Drinking alcohol is ingrained in our culture. It’s socially acceptable and even expected, but sometimes we wonder if we’re drinking too much and what life might be like if we eliminate alcohol from our lives.

Today we have Steve Galatioto on The Dad Edge podcast. Steve is a husband and dad who runs an English school in Japan. He is also living alcohol-free after many years of heavy drinking. He blogs at Serene and Sober and has just published his book, Sobered Up, So Now What?: 3 Keys To Staying Sober & Succeeding At Life.

Listen as he tells us how quitting drinking can improve your body, mind, and soul, enabling you to become a better dad and more successful person.

[bctt tweet=”‘I did my best to be present as a father, but with something as powerful as alcohol and its physical toll on the body, it’s impossible to do anything, let alone parent.’ – @stevengalatioto #alcohol #drinking #parenting #dads #fathers #men” username=”gooddadprojct”]

Steve’s Story

Steve’s dad was an alcoholic and addict. One of his earliest memories was comforting his brothers while the cops’ blue and red lights flashed outside after his dad came home from one of his benders. Because of the unreliability of his father, Steve grew up hyper-vigilant. This anxiety laid the groundwork for his future reliance on alcohol.

Steve experienced a normal family life when his mom divorced his dad and she remarried a stable, hard-working man. He and his brothers split time between both worlds. Steve used to think this was a negative dynamic, but now he is grateful for the insights he gained from both sides.

Things got crazy when Steve went to college and started binge drinking. He had frequent blackouts where he couldn’t remember anything he had done the night before. He was able to maintain good grades and kept himself fit with power-lifting, but his problem with alcohol was solidified.

The day he met his Japanese future-wife, he knew she was the one he wanted to marry. Soon, they both moved to Japan and started a family. He had periods of sobriety when his wife was pregnant, but every time he went back, the alcohol sunk its hooks deeper and deeper into him. He got to the point where he was drinking every day and even during work.

Steve finally sought help and now lives a sober lifestyle. He wants to share his experience with others so they have the courage to try quitting and know how to reframe their lives without alcohol.

[bctt tweet=”‘Every single person in our life, no matter how bad they’ve been to us, there is always something we can get from that.’ – @stevengalatioto #trauma #addiction #men #dads #fathers” username=”gooddadprojct”]

What You’ll Learn

  •  The physiological effects of drinking
  • How he used to drink while carrying his son around town in a harness
  • How he let go of the guilt
  • His message for guys thinking about taking the plunge into sobriety
  • What life looks like after quitting drinking
  • How to stay sober and succeed in life
  • The 3Ds to sobriety (these also apply to porn, food, nicotine, or any addiction)
  • His parenting BASICs to thrive as a father
    • Be your best self
    • Actively engage
    • Set standards
    • Inform yourself
    • Connect with something greater
  • His “floor time” ritual
  • One cool question to prime your kids for a real discussion

[bctt tweet=”‘It’s much easier to be pulled through life through a compelling vision than to try to push your way through it.’ – @stevengalatioto #motivation #inspiration #dads #men #fathers” username=”gooddadprojct”]

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