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Yeadon Smith – Authoritarian vs. Authoritative Parenting

Yeadon Smith is the founder of “My First Million in Multifamily”. Yeadon discerned that he was not called to the pastorate, and  launched a career in real estate. He was one of the top producing real estate agents in his market while he was active in the residential transaction side of real estate.

In this episode, Larry Hanger interviews Yeadon Smith about his personal life, including his marriage and four children. They discuss the question of what leads to having four kids and the guest attributes it to having a hot wife. They also delve into the guest’s unique childhood and the different experiences he had compared to others in their generation.

Reflection on Parenting Styles

This episode reveals a shift in parenting style over time. They discuss their upbringing and how their parents’ authoritarian and disciplinarian approach influenced their own initial parenting beliefs. They also acknowledge that this style was prevalent in the 80s and 90s, reflecting the cultural norms of that era.

Evolution in Parenting Beliefs

However, as they grew older and became parents themselves, they realized that this approach was not effective or conducive to healthy parent-child relationships. They express frustration with the idea of demanding obedience from their children without allowing them to express themselves or be kids. Larry and Yeadon Smith recognize that their parents were simply following the parenting norms of their time and do not blame them for their upbringing.

The Need for Adaptability and Openness in Parenting

This serves as a reminder that parenting styles are not fixed and can change over time. It highlights the importance of reflection, growth, and adaptability in raising children. Yeadon Smith’s personal experiences and challenges provide valuable insights into the evolution of parenting styles and the need for a more open and inclusive approach.

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Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Parenting style evolves over time.
  2. Flexible parenting promotes growth.
  3. Choose to be an executor.

What You’ll Learn

00:03:40 Narrow interpretations of parenting.

00:08:07 Parenting styles can evolve.

00:15:29 Flexibility and connection enhance influence.

00:21:51 Controlled anger and collaboration work.

00:23:56 No takeaway.

00:29:01 Emotional ownership fosters healthy communication.

00:33:50 Learned from community, leveled up.

00:38:02 Accountability and focused goal-setting.


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