Seth Ramser – The Super Powers within a Tribe

Seth Ramser is a Dad Edge Alliance member, and the Director of Business Development at SignatureMD. He is also an accomplished healthcare executive with a 10 year track record driving business development, operational efficiencies, innovation and growth strategies to physicians, health systems, self-insured companies, IDNs and ACOs.

In this episode, Larry Hagner is joined by Seth Ramser to explore the pivotal role of relationships and accountability in personal growth and fatherhood. Seth Ramser highlights the immense value of authentic friendships and stresses the importance of a robust support system in our lives. Drawing from his dojo experience, he showcases the transformation that occurs within a supportive community, promoting personal growth.

The analogy of towers reinforces the need for mutual support and accountability in our lives, paralleling how towers depend on each other for stability. Seth Ramser shares poignant personal stories that underscore the reciprocity of support and encouragement among friends.

The conversation also delves into Seth’s journey to sobriety, emphasizing the role of relationships and accountability in overcoming challenges. The episode also discusses three fundamental tools from the dojo that profoundly impacted his family life: self-care, a strong marital relationship, and intentional quality time with children.

In conclusion, this conversation reiterates the significance of prioritizing family and fostering meaningful connections. It leaves a lasting impression of how our actions and choices can profoundly impact the lives of those we care about.

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Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Vulnerability is strength for men.
  2. Breath work helps reduce anxiety.
  3. Failure to communicate causes misunderstandings.

What You’ll Learn

00:07:13 Teaching tools for managing pressure.

00:11:20 Response to defining moments: How we respond defines us.

00:16:05 Importance of open communication.

00:25:18 Importance of vulnerability in relationships.

00:29:59 Prioritize relationships over distractions.

00:34:46 Prioritize relationships above everything else.

00:39:01 Relationships and accountability are crucial.

00:46:56 Vulnerability is strength for men.

00:50:05 Authenticity fosters connection and growth.


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