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Health is Wealth with Shawn Tolleson

Shawn Tolleson

Shawn Tolleson is a husband, father, former baseball player, public speaker, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Tolleson Health Advisors which is a company that uses a person’s biological process and creates a personalized plan for increasing their productivity and fulfillment.

Tolleson was a relief pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Texas Rangers. Since his youth, Tolleson was raised to be a hard worker and to fulfill the purpose that God had for his life. When Shawn was in college, he discovered that he wanted to play baseball as a career. He started playing for the Dodgers as a pitcher and fell in love with the game.

In 2015, Shawn’s father was diagnosed with two forms of Stage 4 cancer. Since his passing, Shawn formed a passion for health and how health can affect one’s life. In 2020, he founded Tolleson Health Advisors and has had twenty clients since its launch.

One’s of Shawn’s greatest priorities in his morning routine. He stresses how much a morning routine can affect the whole rest of your day, whether it’s done right or wrong. Shawn’s mantra is that making small changes in your health can lead to astronomical changes in your life.


What You’ll Learn: 


Shawn recalls playing in the Major Leagues and how he misses that camaraderie amongst his teammates.


Shawn recalls trying to separate the game from his work and the difficulties that came along with that. He remembers setting strict boundaries in order to manage his time effectively.


Shawn recalls his childhood and how hard work was instilled in him at a young age. His dad always reminded him to be the very best he could be no matter what profession he did in life. God was at the focal point of his family.


Tolleson recalls becoming a believer at 15 years old. Being a faith-driven person helped him become a hard-worker. He worked hard because he wanted to make his family proud.


Shawn talks about how he helped his kids change their morning routine from unproductive habits to habits that will enable them to become better and more hardworking. The morning routine sets the tone for the whole day.


You have to make things fun for your kids. You have to show them that they can enjoy hard work and that you enjoy it too.


Shawn recalls when he first felt the push to turn baseball from a hobby into a career. His friend played for the Dodgers and convinced them to sign Shawn to play for them because of his work ethic and talent for the game.


Being an athlete made Shawn realize the importance of biology on health and how it’s important to eat and train like an athlete.


In 2015, during the last game of the season, Shawn found out that his father was diagnosed with 2 forms of Stage 4 cancer.


He decided he was going to do whatever it took to get his health and his father’s health back on track. He made simple changes in life to become the healthiest and happiest version of himself. His father was able to live another 4.5 years after his diagnosis.


Shawn’s father-in-law told him that he should pursue this health journey and Shawn made the decision to go all in. Since 2020, Shawn has had 20 clients with whom he has built his business, Tolleson Health Advisors.


The changes Shawn made to his life for his health were – he stopped working so hard, changed when he ate, began fasting,


Being alone is excellent for you, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about that. Just to be still will help you to slow down and listen to God.


Having other like-minded men in your life can help keep you accountable and become your support group.


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Creating a Family Culture of Connection

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