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Dan Peterson – Stop Yelling and Start Connecting – DEA Mastermind

Dan Peterson returns to the Dad Edge podcast mastermind for a live Question and Answer session.

Parenting expert and coach, Dan Peterson returns to the Dad Edge podcast mastermind for a live Question and Answer session. Dan Peterson has a passion for helping fathers connect with their children, and he’s founder of The Compass 4 Life Mission.

Larry Hagner recently interviewed Dan Peterson on the Dad Edge podcast, and the episode was so popular, Larry and Dan decided to hold a Q&A session with members of the Dad Edge mastermind

We start by delving into a common problem. Time and time again the concept of connection comes up. We’re constantly busy with work, errands, and managing our lives. Dan explains, we can’t read every text message our kids send out, however, it is essential that we make a conscious effort to stay connected.

Make sure to recognize and praise moments of courage and bravery. Kids need to know that their efforts are appreciated. Anytime they are doing something that is required of them, such as attending school or going to counseling appointments, be sure to give them credit. This will  encourage them and build self-esteem. 

You also want your kids to develop their internal confidence and identity. This resilience is key as your kids grow older. One way to cultivate confidence in our children is to provide them with opportunities to express themselves. We do this by allowing them to make their own decisions, and by providing them with activities and hobbies they enjoy. We can also show our support by listening to our children’s concerns and repeating their talking points. This will help them feel heard.

We should also create an environment where our children feel safe and secure. This can be done by setting boundaries and expectations. These frameworks provide a base with which to explore new ideas and overcome new challenges. 

Start listening, challenging and validating your kids. Start with this fresh episode of the Dad Edge podcast.

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Larry’s Top Takeaways

  • what to do when our kids are going through serious anxiety.
  • Why we need to use less words when correcting is more powerful than lecturing
  • How to identify how to love and connect with each of our kids individually and uniquely

What You’ll Learn from Dan Peterson

03:59 Parent with intention and connection.

08:31 Seek professional help for anxiety.

14:07 Take ownership of problems.

23:00 Reinforce positive behavior with praise.

30:04 Monitor kids’ online activity.

36:19 Build your child’s identity.

43:52 Love and interact with all kids.

48:36 Slow down and connect.

51:09 Live life with intention.

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