Creating a Family Culture of Connection
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Creating a Family Culture of Connection

Some of the most popular shows on The Dad Edge Podcast are interviews with female guests. Men love to hear a woman’s perspective on how we, as husbands and fathers, can deepen our relationships with our wives and children.

Today’s guest is Mary Saturnio. She is the creator of the Mindful Moms Movement, a mastermind for women that aims to create wildly fun memories and a legacy of intention.

She is going to talk about how to create a family culture of connection by using simple hacks that open creativity, encourage communication, and keep family life fun and thriving.

Get ready to live a joyful, mindful life with your family!

Creating a Family Culture of Connection

What You’ll Learn

Connection with Kids

  • Go-to activities to get kids to flourish
  • The benefit of letting kids create using items around the house
  • Getting your kids to start a Problem Journal where they write about how to solve the problems they see in the world
  • Getting your kids comfortable with public speaking on the fly by giving them prompts and having them improvise stories out loud
  • Making mealtimes into conversation times
  • Creative questions to ask your kids on the way home from school that deepen connection

Connection with Spouse

  • The value of setting an intention together as a couple every morning
  • How and why vulnerability is attractive to women
  • Advice for men on being open and honest with your wife
  • Why holding back your stressful feelings to protect your wife is destructive to the relationship

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