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The Secret Language of Your Woman’s Desire with Karen Brody

How can we get back the amazing sex and emotional connection we had when we first met our wives? Where do we go wrong when it comes to exciting our women and igniting their passion? How can we change the direction of our relationship with our spouse when it seems like everything we do is wrong?

Karen Brody is a man coach and bestselling author of Open Her: Activate 7 Masculine Powers to Arouse Your Woman’s Love & Desire.

Karen goes in-depth about how we, as men, lose our power in marriage, how we kill the attraction our wives have for us, and how we can understand our women better than they understand themselves.

You will have some major epiphanies during this show as Karen Brody reveals the secret language of your woman’s desire. Put this episode on repeat!

You don’t want to rely on your partner to fill a hole in you. When you have a sense of fullness you will be more attractive to her.—Karen Brody

Karen Brody

Karen Brody is a Relationship Coach for Men and a former journalist, who lives in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, with her sweetheart and her cat. Her favorite things to do are Salsa dancing, road trips with no destination, and weekends in nature hiking, reading and writing. Karen’s life purpose is to help awaken a healthy masculinity in men, and to guide men and women to discover each other in a deeply connected, eyes wide open dance of love.

If a man’s going to negotiate a woman well, he has to learn to not take what she feels personally, because it’s always changing.—Karen Brody

What You’ll Learn

  • How Karen Brody helps men orient to their power, goodness, and sexuality
  • The false ideas women have about men
  • How married men are invested in their relationships
  • The richness of a man’s sexuality
  • When men are starved for sex, their focus becomes about sex.
  • The most common problems men have in relationships:
    • A lost spark
    • The woman isn’t sharing anymore
    • The woman has lost desire
    • The woman is not trusting the man’s decisions and makes her own way
  • Most men think the more accommodating they are to their woman, the happier she will be. It is the opposite.
  • Women want positive tension with a man. They will test their partner’s strength and resolve. When the man backs down, the sexual attraction decreases.
  • Don’t tell women what they want to hear to secure sex. They will know.
  • Weak listening is how a man loses connection with his wife.
  • Women want a man’s acceptance.
  • Men want to resolve problems. Women just want to be heard.
  • Why women will nag about what’s negative and what’s missing. A man must learn how to listen between the lines.
  • Don’t take criticism literally but interpret what’s going on behind her complaints.
  • A woman must be open emotionally to be open sexually.
  • Invite your woman to express her emotions.
  • The smallest thing men can do is focus on the quality of their attention.
  • Women pull away when their men seem bored, tense, or irritated.
  • Ask her how she is and really mean it.
  • Women always look for safety and turn to men to be a safe harbor.
  • Men should take time for themselves to become calm before reaching out to connect.
  • The more a man doesn’t get upset at his woman’s emotional storms, the more he looks like her hero.
  • Why expectation diminishes your influence
  • When a relationship is in turmoil, the woman withholds sex. The man withdraws support.
  • Do things for your wife selflessly and because it makes you feel good, not to bargain for sex. Being needy robs you of power.
  • How we can communicate our needs without being demanding
  • How to ask for more affection in a way that won’t pressure a woman.
  • Women are turned on by men who are clear on what they want.
  • Scheduling sex is a good thing.
  • Give your woman space to miss you.


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