Lessons from the Tribe of Millionaires

Who do you surround yourself with? Is your current tribe helping or hurting your chances for success and abundance? What lessons can we learn from our tribe members to improve our lives and shape our destinies?

Mike McCarthy is back on the show for a special Thursday Throwdown. Mike McCarthy is a super-successful entrepreneur, the cofounder of GoBundance, and a member of the Tribe of Millionaires. He is also the co-author of The Miracle Morning for Parents along with his wife and Hal Elrod.

Today Mike teaches us lessons from the Tribe of Millionaires and the pillars of GoBundance. He also reveals how he cultivates a rich relationship with his wife and kids and the magic formula to turn an argument into a romantic encounter in minutes!

The people around you are a mirror to see yourself more clearly.

Lessons from the Tribe of Millionaires

  1. The Influence Effect
  2. The Multiplier Effect
  3. The Accountability Effect
  4. The Authenticity Effect
  5. The Purpose Effect
  6. The Connection Effect

Pillars of Gobundance

  1. Age Defying Health
  2. Authentic Relationships
  3. Bucket List Adventures
  4. Extreme Accountability
  5. Genuine Contribution
  6. Horizontal Income

You being who you are is a gift to the world.


The Miracle Morning for Parents with Mike McCarthy

Being a Good Dad with The Miracle Morning

4 Elements of a Legendary Marriage Part 1—The Individual

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