How to Light Your Woman Up

How to Light Your Woman Up with Brandy Salazar

Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. Out of those that stay together, only seventeen percent report being happy. It seems like the odds are against us. Is it possible to take our marriages, whether they are meh or miserable, and transform them into passionate, thriving relationships?

Today we get a woman’s raw perspective. Brandy Salazar, co-author of The Miracle Morning for Couples, is back on the show. She talks about what we’re missing in marriages, communication secrets, and why your wife never seems to be “in the mood.” She also tells us how to get to know our wives on the deepest level so that we have fewer arguments, more fun, and the most amazing sex ever.

Gentlemen, you’ll want to take notes on this episode. Get ready to learn how to light your woman up!

Brandy Salazar

Brandy Salazar grew up in a dysfunctional home. At fifteen years old she found herself living with friends. She didn’t have a high school diploma. But that didn’t stop her from developing a six-figure real estate business. She met Lance and they got married. They had the house, the cars, the overly expensive shoes, but they were disconnected from each other. By the time they had their two daughters, their marriage was over. Brandy asked for a divorce.

Before making the final decision to end their marriage, Brandy and Lance gave it one more shot. What they realized is that they were not bringing their strengths to the marriage. The talents and effort they used to excel in business were not leveraged at home. When they approached their marriage with the right tools and mindset, they’re marriage went from hate and resentment to love and passion within thirty days.

You’re either growing or you’re dying

What You’ll Learn

  • How and why marriages fall into a boring routine
  • What motherhood does to a woman mentally and physically
  • How to focus on goals and a vision for your marriage instead of what’s wrong
  • Using a hat full of questions to become closer
  • The importance of investing in dates
  • Why women can become so overwhelmed and irritated
  • Planning out the logistics of household responsibilities so that everything gets done and you and your woman make space to relax and enjoy each other
  • Why you shouldn’t underestimate the power of taking out the trash
  • Staying curious about your partner
  • Defining partnership roles
  • Breaking patterns of complacency
  • How to communicate what you want without seeming needy
  • What inhibits women the most when it comes to sex
  • How to approach your woman with the same dedication you give to your business, health, or hobby
  • Getting your woman to a place where she feels sexy
  • The secret to leveraging your woman’s cycle for the best sex of your lives
  • How to fan the flame during sexual off-times
  • Switching neediness to desire
  • The right time to approach your woman about improving your marriage
  • Why your wife shouldn’t be your “everything”
  • Helping your wife to find herself again and grow so that she feels confident and empowered
  • Finding out what lights your woman up and brings her joy in a way that makes her more receptive to you
  • Why a woman sometimes takes on a masculine role
  • Why you need to be the servant leader of the household
  • What to do when you try everything you can to make her happy and nothing works


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