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How to Survive Your F&%$ed-Up Life with Ron Worley

Ron Worley is a business coach, entrepreneur, and the author of “Ditches to Riches: How to Survive Your F&%$ed-Up Life and Create a Kick-Ass Business.”

Living a life of treachery, drugs, and helplessness, Ron almost succumbed to the abyss of death.

Today, Ron is a self-made millionaire, a husband, and a dad. He reveals his chaotic past, personal reflections, pivotal decisions, and life lessons. He also shares how every man needs a woman that will support him throughout it all—in happiness and pain.

Your dreams may be free, but getting there demands a price.

Ron Worley

Ron L. Worley, II is successful business owner, real-estate investor, mentor, and self-made millionaire who follows his own code, The Worley Way. He is a proud papa and dedicated husband making his home in Colorado. He refused to accept circumstance, taking himself from a man on a path to death to living a world-changing reality. He shares real life lessons that inspire countless entrepreneurs, thinkers, and those wanting lasting change. His systems guide wealth and well-being. Ron is the host of the podcast, Sons of Ditches, and the author of Ditches to Riches: How to Survive Your F&%$ed-Up Life and Create a Kick-Ass Business.

Ditches to Riches: How to Survive Your F&%$ed-Up Life and Create a Kick-Ass Business

Homeless. Addicted. Alone. Ron Worley hit rock bottom, but climbed his way back and into money, a successful business, and fulfillment. Now he is helping others do the same.

Negative circumstances can overshadow a life of purpose. Making the brave hard choices can seem impossible. Yet, you don’t have to accept mediocrity. Your growth is your choice. If trauma and failure have set you adrift, it’s time to step up with Ditches to Riches.

Unlock potent strategies to revolutionize your well-being, create personal wealth, and build a prosperous business! Worley’s inspiring true success story teaches you to overcome feeling defeated, directionless, and driven to the edge. Give yourself the chance you deserve.

You need to show up and make the right choices to make your dreams happen. Follow heartening real-life stories to help you ditch a shattered life and build a new rich one. These are life lessons for the new entrepreneur, strategic-thinker, or anyone sick of not using their full hidden potential.

What You’ll Learn

Ron’s Appreciation for His Wife


Ron works, plays, lives, and does everything together with his wife. They treat each other as best friends and he fully appreciates her loyalty. His wife knows the difference between right and wrong and she helps Ron navigate his gray world.


His wife brings peace. She is his rock, and Ron feels she is the reward for his pursuit to change his life.

Ron’s Chaotic Upbringing


Ron’s father has two children, Ron and his brother, Les. When his parents eventually separated, his father married the babysitter and had another two children. During the honeymoon with his new wife, his father got another woman pregnant.


His dad had a total of six kids and three different wives. Ron grew up witnessing many horrible things and started to smoke weed at as a little kid.


These unsupervised ways of taking drugs became his way of life. He became an alcoholic and a drug addict at 15 years old.


Ron worked to keep himself high all the time. Meanwhile, he was also athletic in various sports and had offers for scholarships. He made sure to not let the two worlds cross with each other.


Ron only started to learn as an adult about integrity. When nobody is looking, is he really doing the right thing? As a child, the only thing that mattered for him was to feel good.


His father died in 1997. He lived a dangerous lifestyle where he was killed by the police.


When kids are young, they look at their father as if he is a god. He grew up realizing what he had been idolizing was not good.



Ron feels a tremendous loss. It made him mad and upset for not having the opportunity to be a child.

Living Through Your Children


Ron felt he has not grown up yet. He is reliving his childhood through his children as they are growing. He is enjoying a part of their lives he never had.


When Ron retells his childhood to his kids, he wants them to learn something from it. Since he has lived through the worst, he hopes it helps them understand and to not repeat what he has experienced.

Flipping the Switch


Ron’s mother cut ties with him because of his dysfunctional life. It was the final straw for him, realizing that he had no one to lean on anymore.


It was at that moment where he would either be the biggest loser or he would get sober.


Ron felt that rehabilitation was not for him, and it was at this time he found business. He started working out, getting healthy, feeling good. He found a job and started a small business to save money.


Everybody has this insight to know that when enough is enough and to change their circumstances.

Outlook on Life


Ron learned to set aside his guilt and let go of the past. He treats his experiences as his Medals of Honor, telling the world the wisdom he can offer. He wakes up every single day with a positive frame of mind.


He battles insecurities all day. It was ingrained from his childhood and it is something he has to live with. He goes through his values, anger management skills and ends up exhausted. But Ron emphasizes to be positive no matter what you do.


Ron has an hour of power he calls The Dream Time or active meditation. It is the time where ideas for his next business come up. He makes a list of solutions for problems, finds change, and figures out how to do better.

Living Authentically


Ron does not want to let the people down and he is honest about the fact that he has many things to learn. Even if he can only do meager things for the meantime, Ron has learned that faking does not always work. If you are dumb or ignorant to something, you should never hide it.



Ron’s eldest daughter is stubborn, hardworking, and a forward-thinker. His youngest son is smart, aloof, and enduring. The middle son is a sponge, a gifted talker, and brave.


Ron wants to try everything. He realizes that if he does not start doing things, he will die. He will try anything as long as there is an angle to make money from it.


“Live like you are dying.” It’s the motto Ron lives by. It’s the legacy he wants to leave.

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