Pivoting During the Pandemic

Pivoting During the Pandemic with Ben Rector

Whether you had plans for your business, career, family, or personal life, COVID has probably derailed it to some point. Today, we talk about pivoting during the pandemic and turning our setbacks into new opportunities.

Ben Rector is a singer, songwriter, and record producer. Ben has appeared and performed on various television shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live! Conan, Live with Kelly and Ryan, and others. His songs make appearances on shows like American Idol, Ellen DeGeneres Show, World of Dance, Pretty Little Liars, and Castle.

In this episode, Ben talks about his music journey and how he’s had to restrategize his plans since the pandemic. He also shares his parenting insights and how he hits his reset button to stay on track.

What You’ll Learn

The Musician’s Journey


Ben had a humble beginning. He had no model to follow with no one in his family being musically-inclined. He grew up never thinking that music is something he would consider a job. He only started to embrace music professionally during college.


Ben loves playing any keyboard instrument or guitar.


Ben’s Appreciation for His Father


Ben appreciates his father for being stern while caring. His dad always showed up.


Ben witnessed his dad’s selflessness. He never doubted the love, care, and trust his dad had in him.


Pivoting during the Pandemic


Ben wants to make the best out of everything. He does not feel like there is any other option. Things will be difficult and challenging, and he will never be able to do any of it without his wife, Hillary.


The pandemic was the first time Ben was forced to slow down. It was the time he felt genuinely powerless. When his twins were born in such a time, it was peaceful yet weird for Ben.


Ben owns many aspects of his music. Any artist feels the sting in their income if they are highly-dependent on their record labels since they do not “own” the music.


Reset Button


Being honest with his feelings about situations has always been helpful for Ben. He is thankful that he and his wife have always been open with each other.

Being able to say out loud and name your difficulties is an affirmation that they exist and you are facing it. Everybody goes through challenges, and this rough time is a challenge for Ben and his wife—they are determined to take the challenge.


Parenting Legacy


Ben hopes to do an excellent job of letting his children know that he cares, loves, and supports them, just like how his father was for him. He hopes to gain their respect and to never doubt the love he has for them. He admires his father for the stern but caring approach, and he hopes to do the same thing.


What’s Next for Ben?


Ben envisions finishing his new record in the winter of 2022. His music and tours have been delayed due to the pandemic.


This pandemic was a luxury for Ben because, unlike pre-pandemic when things were chaotic, he now has space. He and his team take time to plan things out. Ben looks forward to being a dad, husband, and to moving around more before things start to get crazy again.


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