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David Hurwitt – Finally Making the Right College Choice Easy for Kids and Parents

David Hurwitt is a highly successful sales and marketing leader, brings his extensive expertise to the Dad Edge podcast as he discusses how to make college choices easier for kids and parents. As the driving force behind Troove, David has revolutionized the higher education selection process by harnessing the predictive power of experience. 

In today’s episode with Larry, David explains the inspiration behind using technology to help find the perfect college fit for students. Drawing from his extensive career developing new products and services, he shares his personal experience of taking his daughter on college tours to find the right college for her.

Selecting a college is undoubtedly one of the most crucial decisions young individuals will make in their lives. Given the multitude of available options, narrowing down choices and making the right decision can be challenging. Therefore, it is essential to make an informed choice.

During the college selection process, allocate time for thorough research. Visit campuses, talk to current students and faculty, and gain a better understanding of the school. Seek advice and assistance from a college counselor or advisor to help with the process.

Technology can also be a valuable asset in choosing a college. AI and data science can match students with schools that provide the best academic and social environments for them. In conclusion, selecting a college is a personal decision that requires careful consideration of multiple factors. By diligently researching and weighing their options, students can make the best decision for their future.

Troove Dad Edge Podcast

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Find your own path and worth.
  2. Smaller classrooms lead to success.
  3. Explore college options early.

What You’ll Learn

00:00:31 Choose college wisely.

00:09:45 Stay engaged with alumni.

00:10:16 Find lifetime fit with school.

00:17:16 Explore academic and financial fit.

00:23:04 Find your own path and worth.

00:29:46 Smaller classes = better learning.

00:30:59 Find your college people.

00:39:57 Find a diverse community.

00:44:59 Know what you need.

00:49:00 Explore schools without geography.

00:52:43 Start college conversations early.

00:56:16 Focus on outcomes, not acceptance.

01:02:39 Find the perfect college fit.

01:06:09 Start early with conversations.



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