One Extraordinary Marriage

One Extraordinary Marriage with Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo

Today we’re going to focus in on our marriages. Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo are the hosts of the One Extraordinary Marriage podcast, which has been going nine years strong. They are also the co-authors of the Amazon best seller, 7 Days of Sex Challenge. When you listen to their actionable advice, you’ll understand how they’ve helped people from all over the world transform their relationships with their spouses. get ready to transform yours.

In this show, Tony and Alisa talk about:

  • How to become a proactive instead of reactive participant in your marriage
  • Why you need to take divorce off the table and go “all in”
  • How to approach your spouse with appreciation, not expectation
  • How to begin difficult conversations about raising kids, sex, and finances
  • What their 7 Days of Sex Challenge is all about and how it will make your marriage extraordinary

Learn the principles of keeping your marriage passionate, alive, and flourishing!

People look at love as a noun, but love is a verb. It’s action.

From Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo

“We have been married for 22 years and not all of them have been happy ones.  Like you, we came together with every good intention and “forever” in mind, but then “life” happened and we found ourselves ill prepared to deal with our marriage challenges.

Not only were we struggling as a couple, but also we were both struggling with our own personal hurdles independent of one another.  Our “bumps in the road” were actually mountains in our eyes and we knew that in order to get to the other side, keep our family together, and experience a loving, intimate marriage, we were going to need to dig deep and address our circumstances head-on.

Dealing with it all was our commitment to each other.  Together, we overcame Tony’s 18-year addiction to pornography, the loss of a child at 18 weeks, debt in excess of $50,000, poor communication, lack of collective interests, and questioning trust.  But, the key word here is “together”.

We’ve learned some hard knock life lessons and we’ve discovered key principles that have kept our marriage (and sex life) alive and flourishing… and we did it together.  We can do the same for you!”

Get ready to create one extraordinary marriage!

What You’ll Learn

  • What birthed the idea of the One Extraordinary Marriage podcast
  • How at one point in their marriage, Tony and Alisa’s options were to divorce now, divorce when the kids turned 18, or get radical
  • Their experience with a 60-Days of Sex Challenge
  • The oversight most of us make when it comes to marriage—we’re intentional about health and business and we’ll hire fitness coaches and financial advisors, but we assume that our relationship will work out on its own
  • The importance of becoming an active participant in marriage
  • Why leaving divorce on the table keeps us from committing to making a marriage work
  • What happens when we remove divorce as an option and have to go “all in”
  • Why you have to work on yourself individually as well as a couple
  • If you lost that loving feeling it’s probably because you haven’t taken any action
  • How men often wait for their spouses to tell them what they want when they should just ask
  • How to find out how to speak to your wife’s heart again
  • Why her definition of romance may have changed since you first fell in love
  • How to ask her the right questions and give her a safe space to answer you
  • The old-fashioned charm of handwritten love letters
  • How expectations can be destructive, especially if they stay in your head
  • Using appreciation to shift the energy between you and your spouse
  • The adversarial physical positions you should avoid when having and important conversation
  • How to be on the same team, shoulder to shoulder with the two of you against the problem, not each other
  • If you think brining up a subject like sex is going to feel weird, own it. Say that you feel awkward
  • Why you don’t have to fix everything before initiating a sex challenge
  • How to add a sex challenge into your schedule, even if you have kids
  • Alisa’s script you can use to open your wife up to the idea of doing a sex challenge
  • Why you should never talk about sex in the bedroom


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