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3 Reasons Why It’s Important to Teach our Kids Ninja Skills



Check out the video above and you will see what I am talking about.  This is a quick highlight recap of our day at KOR.  It’s a short clip with photos and video with some heartfelt music by Cold Play.

The Good Dad Project/KOR American Ninja Warrior Day was a day like no other! 

About four times per year, The Good Dad Project partners with local businesses in the St. Louis, MO area to do “Dad/Kid Meet Ups.”  In the past, we have held these events at St. Louis City Museum, The Painted Pot, and Upper Limits Indoor Rock Climbing.

Our most recent meet up definitely topped them all! 

We decided to partner with the KOR Complex, owned and operated by Brendan O’Neill in St. Charles, MO.  KOR is a VERY UNIQUE facility with an experience like no other.

If you are a fan of American Ninja Warrior, this facility is right up your alley.  KOR offers some of the most popular obstacles such as:  The Famous Warped Wall, Cannon Ball Alley, Salmon Ladder, Pegged Wall, Inverted Stairs, Floating Doors, and many more.

The Good Dad Project Meet Ups are more than just quality time with our kids.  It’s about creating a memorable experience.  The meet up experiences are meant to go above and beyond taking our kids to the park or going to see a movie.  Each experience gives dads an opportunity to be creative, adventurous, and do something completely outside the box.


1.  Much like our day at KOR, life is full of OBSTACLES:

Each day we have an opportunity to help support and guide our kids through problem solving skills.  When the obstacles show up in life, it’s so important that our kids can rely on us to help guide them through it.

Our Ninja Day at KOR provided Dads the opportunity to guide, cheer, and help their kids through the obstacles.   Smiles, cheering, positive reinforcement, and teamwork were the experiences that came from each obstacle.

Good Dad Project
Good Dad Project

2. We can show our kids that we can Face Our Fears:

I will admit, some of the obstacles at KOR can be downright intimidating at first.  The Warped Wall tops out at a daunting 14.5 feet. That’s a big jump to say the least!  Attempting to climb inverted stairs and then lache to the floating doors can be frightening.  However, every Dad and child took on these obstacles together.

In everyday life, we preach to our kids to face their fears, have confidence in themselves, and to take chances.  Very rarely do we get to show them by example.  Our Ninja Day provided this opportunity in a big way.

Some of the greatest moments of the day were not just the Dads cheering on kids, but the kids cheering on the Dads!


3.  Celebrate the Everyday Victories:

The KOR complex erupted with cheer when one of our dads or kids would conquer an obstacle.  In everyday life, we overcome obstacles.  For our kids, it can be something as simple as getting a good grade on the big test, making a new friend, or a random act of kindness.  However, it can also be something as big as making the game winning run, getting a driver’s license, or graduating high school.

For Dads, it can be something as simple as we finally crossed two things off our honey-do list, we closed a new account at work, or we earned a raise.

The takeaway is this:  we have victories every single day.  It’s so important that as a family we cheer each other on through the obstacles and celebrate the wins together.


A special thanks to all who participated on our Good Dad Project Ninja Day at KOR!

If you haven’t signed up to be a free member of our community, please do so below.  The Good Dad Project is dedicated to improving the lives of Dads and Families.

All the Best,



Speaker, Author, and Founder of the Good Dad Project

The Good Dad Project

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  1. What a great post! There were so many great lessons that we can pull away from the event… This sums it up nicely. Grateful to have been a part of it, and looking forward to the next GDP event!

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