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Relentless Success Through Triumph and Tragedy with Todd Stottlemyre

As you know, Todd Stottlemyre is a 3-time World Series MLB pitcher. You loved his last interview on The Good Dad Project. In this powerful episode, I sit with Todd face-to-face as he opens up about the most painful moment in his life, how he fought the enemy within himself, and what elements have helped him in his pursuit of relentless success.

Todd Stottlemyre

Todd Stottlemyre, author and speaker, has a passion for coaching how to win at the highest levels in business and personal life. Todd’s process demonstrates how lofty ambitions are achievable when you follow the sequential steps in his proven success system.

Todd is a former major league baseball pitcher where he played for 15 seasons and participated in three World Championships. He played for the Toronto Blue Jays, Oakland Athletics, St Louis Cardinals, Texas Rangers, and the Arizona Diamondbacks. Todd received the prestigious Branch Ricky Award and the Lou Gehrig Award. After his baseball career, Todd had a career in finance building an asset management business at a high-profile Wall Street firm. Todd lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife Erica and their five beautiful children.

The second you become prey to others’ opinions, your goals and dreams become the dreams of those people.

Todd spent his childhood going to Yankee Stadium with his dad, Mel Stottlemyre. He grew up amid other legendary baseball players and considers himself very lucky to have had such a wonderful experience. His father never pushed his brother and him to become baseball players. His parents wanted them to focus on doing whatever it was they enjoyed, but Todd wanted nothing more than to become a pitcher like his dad, and he did.

Despite having a childhood many boys would dream of, the family endured an unfathomable loss when Todd’s younger brother, Jason, was diagnosed with leukemia. Jason went through a few years of treatments and remission periods, but eventually the disease hit full-force and a bone marrow transplant was the only hope. Todd was the best match and went into surgery to have his marrow removed and given to his brother.

The transplant appeared to be a success. His brother was running around the hospital and the doctors were preparing for Jason to go home, but Todd would never get his little brother back. Two days before his release, Jason fell into a coma and died shortly afterward. Todd says that driving back home without his brother was the worst drive a person could ever make, and that beyond the sadness was hatred and guilt that his bone marrow was rejected by his brother’s body.

Todd says his brother was his greatest teacher because he never felt sorry for himself, he never quit. Todd decided he would never give up on anything and was determined to not let anything keep him from his dreams. This became his greatest driver in all his pursuits in live, but he did also have to get some help to move past his guilt and pain.

He taught me how to die.

Todd talks about the lives of all the others that poured into his – his dad, his mentors, and those who contributed to his success and helped him through his failures. His book, Relentless Success: 9-Point System for Major League Achievement is coming out on July 1st, 2017.

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