Jason Schnitzer talks about transforming troubled marriages with Larry Hagner on The Dad Edge Podcast.jason-schnitzer-transforming-troubled-marriages-insights-from-the-husband-coach

Jason Schnitzer – Transforming Troubled Marriages: Insights from The Husband Coach

Jason Schnitzer aka “The Husband Coach,” is a dedicated relationship coach specializing in helping men become better partners, focusing on communication, empathy, and personal growth to strengthen marriages and partnerships. His “Reclaim Control” program focuses on breaking free from destructive behaviors to improve self-control and personal growth.

Jason shares his personal journey from being a professional baseball player to embracing the world of jujitsu, and how this transition has influenced his approach to handling emotions and conflicts. He opens up about the challenges he faced in his marriage, the pivotal moments that led him to self-reflection, and the realization that perhaps the issues at hand were not solely external, but also internal.

Jason and Larry also break down the nervous system’s role in our emotional states, using the analogy of an upside-down stoplight to describe the green, yellow, and red states of being. They explain how our past experiences, even from childhood, can shape our current responses to stress, fear, and confrontation.

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Conflict resolution requires self-reflection.
  2. Understand your nervous system.
  3. Acknowledge and welcome your emotions.

What You’ll Learn

00:01:42 College Baseball Journey

00:04:29 Transitioning from Baseball to Jiu-Jitsu

00:14:46 Instinctual Reactions to Conflict and the Nervous System

00:17:33 The Impact of Childhood Experiences on Adult Conflicts

00:18:39 The Importance of Understanding Your Nervous System

00:20:59 Men’s Disadvantage in Emotional Expression

00:22:22 Building Capacity for Emotional Regulation

00:23:31 Personal Stories of Conflict and Physical Sensations

00:24:24 Social Media Reactions and Personal Triggers

00:29:04 The Importance of Addressing Childhood Emotional Responses

00:33:00 The Impact of Childhood Emotional Suppression on Adulthood

00:38:10 The Role of Mindfulness in Understanding Emotional Responses

00:44:10 The Experience of Operating from a Younger Self During Conflicts

00:49:34 The Lifelong Impact of Early Emotional Experiences on the Nervous System




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