Prevailing Through the Crucibles of Life
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Prevailing Through the Crucibles of Life

We all go through times in our lives when the carpet is pulled from under us. Through no fault of our own, our lives spin out of control. We go through a hell that seems unending. We feel all that’s important to us slipping through our fingers. Today we talk about prevailing over the crucibles of life.

I just went through thirty-three days of horrendous insomnia. I only could get ninety minutes to three hours of sleep a night. I went to the ER twice and was hospitalized for four days. I tried all the meds, and nothing would put me down for more than three hours. I went to bed every night in fear, knowing I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I lost fifteen pounds. My blood pressure and blood sugar went up. As my health deteriorated, I worried about my business, the GDP podcast, and my family. For the first time in my life, I experienced anxiety and depression. I felt like I had no control as a I watched everything that was important to me slipping away.

In this episode I tell you how I got through this crucible in my life and how you can too.


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