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Rookie Fatherhood For ALL Men with Kendall Smith

I was talking to my 15 year old son and he asked me what being a father was like. I responded: You remember what the first day of school was like for you? All of the uncertainty, not knowing who your classmates would be, what the teachers would be like, if you would like your schedules.

I then said, that is kinda what being a dad is like, but on a daily basis. After 4 boys, it feels like that for me. I am as much of a rookie dad as the guy who’s wife  is expecting right now. 

My guest today, Kendall Smith is the author of the best-selling book, “Rookie Father”, which provides succinct advice and is actionable across a range of different topics that can relate to being a great father, husband, role model, etc. 

Kendall has been married for 17 years and has an 8 year old son. His literally work covers a range of matters, including thrillers and even political satire.

25 Conversation Starters

What You’ll Learn

4:53 Kendall at 6 yrs. of age

Kendall narrates what it was like to see his father separating from his mother as a cab arrived and he left in it. It was the most emotional time in his life.

He talks about the redemption that comes in life from being an involved and present father and husband.

 7:52 The impact of role models

Kendall Smith talks about how he would look at different men and he would find sources of inspiration to become a great father, even if it’s a TV character. 

He talks about how sticking to the Boy Scouts was also a great source of learning personal responsibility. 

14:31 About marriage

Kendall shares part of his journey on being married for 17 years and the test and trials that are part of that. He expresses some advice to get through that first year of being a parent and why communication is the pinnacle of it all.

19:29 Communicating feelings

Larry asks Kendall what is it that makes many men afraid to communicate what they feel and Kendall explains why society has a strong influence.

 24:00 After First Year of Parenthood

Kendall talks about that first year of parenthood and what ALL men can do to improve marriage right after that year in order to improve their marriage.

32:48 Scary Stats

Kendall shares some data from the U.S. Census that will blow your mind.19 million men that were raised  in the 90’s are entering parenthood and grew up without a dad. He dives into how this affects society 

36:00 Take them along with you

Kendall Smith talks on how his son and him have some similar things when it comes to activities and that has a lot to do with being involved and sharing your passions as a father with your children or really getting involved in their activities. 

38:57 You Can Always Learn Something New

Larry shares a story on how you can always learn something new. His son asks him a question that he might feel will make Larry upset and that turns into a learning moment for both of them as they share a meal.

42:30 Rite of Passage

Kendall talks about his views on rites of passage. 

44:17 Coming from a broken home

Kendall dives into finding the meaningful things in your life to set yourself up for success personally and in marriage, even when coming from a broken marriage home.

46:00 A heavy subject

This is a chapter in Kendall’s book and he explains how to address the issue of the gained baby weight with your spouse.

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One Comment

  1. The Rookie Father was sincere , educational and laughable at the same time .
    It was simple to be a dad in the 50’s , men had an 8 hour a day job , 40 hours a week and a stay at home wife .
    TODAY life is complicated . I could continue , but let’s move on. Enjoy each precious moment with your child and you will be rewarded in their adult years .
    Kendall is an A+ dad and an A+ husband , look to him for advice , if you feel you need it.

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