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How To Cultivate an Environment of Psychological Safety with Jarrod Haning

Jarrod Haning

Jarrod Hanning is a father, husband and mindset coach for high level entrepreneurs. For the past 10 years, he has been working and his job is working with high level entrepreneurs and successful business owners to help them actually work less and teach them how to optimize their time and also leverage the proper mindset to go out and live a fulfilling life.

In this episode we talk about building and cultivating an environment where our kids can come and talk to us without instilling fear to the point where they shutdown on us, but also being able to teach them lessons of boundaries and consequences around those actions. I challenge Jarrod a lot in how he approaches certain teachings. I also share a couple of stories of things that I’ve gone through lately with my teenages and how I’ve gone about that. Parenting is not perfect, but I think you get get a lot of clarity from this episode.

The goal of today’s show is to have you take away learnings to better cultivate an environment where kids feel safe sharing things with you.

What You’ll Learn: 

Jarrod talks about the Mind Scan created by Nobel nominated Robert Harman and how this test helps us notice the way the brain makes sense of the world and how that affects your life experience


Larry talks about the dichotomy of keeping an environment of psychological safety


Jarrod discusses the values at play when creating a safe environment for your children and real world consequences. The long-term quality of the relationship over the short-term event. 


Jarrod shares how to proactively have hard conversations with this specific way of handling a situation in order to have the hard conversations first and not have a child be distracted by external factors such as pleasurable electronics aka video games.


Larry: Talking to your kids to have them articulate with their own words the life lessons behind their actions


Jarrod: The differences between Tell me more VS. What Do you mean by that? and how these 2 phrases can either open a better dialogue or shut down communication with your children.


Jarrod: The changes that kids experience in their brain between 11 and 13 in thoughts and opinions and worldviews



Larry shares a story of the time there was a warrant for his arrest for not paying a ticket. The consequences of letting things pass.



Jarrod: Real vs. Artificial Consequences


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