Letters from a Father with Allen Carter

Allen Carter

Allen Carter is a husband, father, and author of the book Letters from a Father. For years, Allen has written a monthly letter to his children during their teenage years. The letters cover an amazing array of life lessons and show an intimate glimpse of one family’s life journey. All families have the same challenges and connection that makes this book endearing and relevant to all who read it. There is a Christian faith and foundation throughout the book with stories that are brought to life through Allen’s letters. 

Today, we are going to be talking about Allen’s life as he has recently become an empty nester. He is also going to dive into his marriage and how he and his wife keep God at the forefront of their relationship. Lastly, Allen dives into his book and the purpose behind it. 

What You’ll Learn: 


Allen talks about his family.


Allen talks about being an empty nester with his wife.


Allen advises men on how to elevate their marriages.


Allen talks about how successful couples are much more open to continuous improvement.


Allen talks about the inception of his book Letters from a Father.


Allen talks about the structure and timing of his letters.


Allen talks about capturing moments so you can remember them later in life.


Allen talks about how the letters are an entry point into the lives of his kids.


Allen talks about how his connection with his kids changed after he started writing the letters.


Allen advises men on how to start a process similar to writing letters to their children.


Allen talks about the importance of resources to build great dads.


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Allen Carter



Letters from a Father

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