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How to Optimize and Integrate Your Mindset For a Fantastic Life with David Anderson

David Anderson

David Anderson is a husband, father, owner and creative director of Chimaeric Motion Pictures. He has been doing videos since high school, but has professionally been making videos since 2007. He started working for Chimaeric Motion Pictures in 2007, and eventually took over ownership in 2014.
“Intelligence is knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do.” In life, we are sometimes faced with problems and challenges, and we aren’t sure what to do. Being prepared is the ultimate tool for overcoming this unknown and making the right decisions. Knowing what you can and can’t control allows you to navigate a situation in ways you wouldn’t have if you weren’t prepared.

There are times in our marriages and parenthood where we have to learn things the hard way. Two lessons that can be learned from these relationships are – communication and vulnerability are critical. We try to portray a certain aura of who we are as a human being to the world. In doing that, you tend to put up barriers for how you actually feel, and you don’t commit to being vulnerable and 100% honest in the relationship. You shouldn’t wear masks in front of them; you should be totally and completely who you are.

You have to go through hardships in order to fully appreciate and understand those lessons. It’s one thing to read about something, or talk about something, than it is to actually experience it. When you experience it, that’s when you actually learn it.

What You’ll Learn: 


David talks about his company and how he got into the field of video production.


David shares with us what his family looks like. (Wife, daughter, son)


David talks about the differences in raising a strong young man, versus a strong young woman. He’s trying to instill in his daughter the notion of self-worth. As for his son, he is trying to teach him to be gentle.


David talks about how he gets his son to be okay with feeling his feelings. He states that he tries to be present for him, and when he’s feeling something, David tries to communicate and talk with him. He lets his son take ownership of the decisions he makes.


David talks about how he’s been able to instill self-worth in his daughter throughout all the commotion of social media. He and his wife are big on letting their children take ownership of their choices. He always lets his daughter know that she is enough and that she can be whoever she wants to be.


David mentions a quote he lives by, “Intelligence is knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do.” Be prepared in any situation, even if you don’t know what that situation is. The way to accomplish this is mental preparation.


David talks about a lesson about marriage and fatherhood that he learned the hard way. Communication and vulnerability are critical.


David talks about what he wishes he would’ve known, before marriage and family, about being an entrepreneur.


David talks about the Accelerator program and his takeaways from the group. Accountability is crucial in entrepreneurship.


David talks about what it means to “Live Legendary.”


David talks about what his children would say in his eulogy.


David talks about what his family would be celebrating at the end of 2021, such as their connections and experiences.


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David Anderson



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