Diets Suck: The Ultimate Blueprint on Enjoying Food and Getting Lean with Josiah Novak

Diets Suck: The Ultimate Blueprint on Enjoying Food and Getting Lean with Josiah Novak

What’s the best diet? Keto? Paleo? Low-carb? High-fat? What about fasting? What’s the best workout? Today we are inundated with diet fads and extreme workouts. How do we know which nutrition and exercise program is best for us?

Today we have Josiah Novak. He’s the author of Diets Suck: The Ultimate Blueprint on Enjoying Food and Getting Lean. Josiah gets real about fad diets and exercise. He talks about how we need to focus on our health before aesthetic results. He also discusses his own personal crisis and how his foundation of healthy habits helped him get through an emotionally difficult time.

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Josiah Novak

Josiah Novak is a fitness coach, author, host of the True Transformation Podcast and creator of The True Transformation Body Transformation System.

His lifestyle-friendly, real-life, simple and long-term focused approach has helped thousands of men and women to achieve permanent results when it comes to their body, fitness, life and health goals.

His work has been featured in Fitness RX magazine, Mind Pump Media, Order of Man, and many popular outlets.

What You’ll Learn

  • How Josiah felt when his 4-year-old son got sick
  • How he used his healthy habits to cope with stress and worry and show up best for his family at a critical time
  • How to become healthy without living at the gym
  • How food, alcohol, and drugs are only a temporary fix that mask the problem
  • How to replace vices with good habits to avoid the guilt and be your best self
  • Understanding fad diets
  • How to design a healthy nutrition plan that doesn’t leave you feeling imprisoned or deprived
  • The secrets of fasting and if you should try it
  • Why you should base your fitness and nutrition plan for health goals rather than aesthetic results
  • How he came up with his book title

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