Faster than Normal: Secrets of the ADHD Brain with Peter Shankman

Faster than Normal: Secrets of the ADHD Brain with Peter Shankman

Today, I have an awesome return guest on to talk about ADHD and ADD. Peter Shankman’s new book, Faster Than Normal, is the number one new release on Amazon. He is back to help us uncover the secrets of ADHD and give us alternatives to medication.

This is a huge topic for our generation, being fathers, and the next generation, which is our own kids. We undoubtedly have the most medicated children in history, but whether you or your child have ADHD or not, you will get a lot out of this episode!

Peter Shankman

Peter Shankman is a spectacular example of what happens when you merge the power of pure creativity with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and a dose of adventure, and make it work to your advantage. An author, entrepreneur and corporate keynote speaker, this “worldwide connector” is recognized worldwide for radically new ways of thinking about customer service, social media, PR, marketing, advertising, and ADHD.

Extreme Self-medication

Peter wasn’t diagnosed with ADHD until he was 30 years old. Since then, he has developed some wild ways of coping with his ADHD. They may seem crazy at first, but the logic is valid. What Peter has been told is that adults and children who have ADHD don’t produce enough of the brain chemicals that help us focus – serotonin, dopamine, and adrenaline. Typically, these are replaced by medication, but Peter self-medicates … by sky diving.

Peter has over 500 jumps under his belt. When he leaps out of the airplane, his brain floods with all the chemicals he is lacking. He becomes super focused, and even when the skydive is over, its effects will last for up to hours later. He brings his laptop to the hangar, so that after the jump he can toss his parachute aside and work.  In this state, Peter says he has the mental power to hammer out 10,000 words in 30 minutes.

You’ve gotta understand yourself.

Faster Than Normal

ADHD brains move much faster than a normal brain. Peter says it’s like having a Lamborghini with bike brakes. If you don’t know how to control it, you can easily veer of the road.

He has several strategies to keep his brain in check so he can use it to his advantage. They are outlined in his new book Faster Than Normal: Turbocharge Your Focus, Productivity, and Success with the Secrets of the ADHD Brain. These tips are not only for people who have ADHD, but for anyone who wants 4 more hours of productivity out of their day. Here are some highlights:

  • Follow a routine – Whether it’s you or your child who has ADHD, following a routine helps keep the ADHD bran on track.
  • Eliminate choices – Choices can be distracting, even something as simple as picking out what to wear. Simplify your life so that you don’t have too many options.
  • Exercise and Nutrition ­– Peter says exercise is crucial to taming his brain. He even goes as far as sleeping in his gym clothes and keeping his bike at the end of his bed so that he doesn’t have excuses to skip his workout.
  • Nutrition is also important, especially for ADHD kids. Choose foods that nourish the brain, not sugary cereals and pop tarts. Peter recommends high-protein and healthy carbs like fruit and vegetables.

Play the tape forward. How are you going to feel if you don’t work out and eat like shit?

  • Prioritize your time – People ask Peter how he has time to write a book. He makes time. If you want to increase the value of your life, it’s not about “I don’t have the time.” You make time for your priorities.

Save your energy to focus on them.We all have the same 24 hours a day. It’s up for you to choose.

  • Know yourself – Know what you can and cannot handle. Take care of yourself. ADHD is a condition of extremes. Peter knows he can’t have just one drink. He had to quit drinking because of that. He also can’t have just one slice of pizza, so he avoids that too.

Our ADHD Kids

Society considers ADHD a negative thing. Kids feel something is wrong with them and associate taking medicine with being sick. Not only that, when children rely on medicine all their lives and are taken off as adults, they often turn to illegal drugs and alcohol to self-medicate.

  • Get a second opinion – When a doctor’s first choice is to put your child on drugs, you don’t have to listen to him. Seek out other specialists for more information.
  • Make sure they know they’re NOT broken – Explain to your child that their brain is just faster than normal, and anything faster is good.
  • Get them outside – Don’t let your kid sit in front of the TV for long periods of time. Go walk around outside for 30-40 minutes. Get in the pool. This simple act does wonders.

Peter’s Dadly Wisdom

We often go through the motions when communicating with our kids. Peter Shankman, says it’s important to dig deep.

 Ask questions – not just, “How was your day at school?”


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