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Ultimate Mastery of Your Emotional State with Navy SEAL Andy Stumpf

Emotions like fear and anger lead to shortsightedness and poor decision-making. How can you gain ultimate mastery of your emotional state?

Andy Stumpf is a former Navy SEAL who executed hundreds of combat operations all over the world. He is now a sought after public speaker and the host of the Cleared Hot podcast. Andy is an avid base jumper who holds the world record for having flown more than 18 miles in a wing suit. He is also a dad.

Listen to his amazing story—from the Navy SEALs, to base jumper, to father—and how he keeps his cool through it all!

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About Andy Stumpf

Andy Stumpf considers his background to be incredibly average. He grew up in a beach town in a solid middle-class family. His mom worked in the administrative field and his father owned a masonry company. Andy began to learn the value of hard work when he started working for his dad at the age of eleven. It was also during that time that he dreamed of becoming a Navy SEAL. He read books and watched movies about the SEALs and was drawn in by the combination of intrigue and challenge.

As Andy grew older, he developed his comfort level in the water as a junior life guard and a water polo player. The SEAL dream never faded and he didn’t have a plan B. He brought home a waiver to his parents to leave school early and enlist in the military. He trained like a madman and passed the BUD/s training. He was pipelined straight through the SEAL program and served just one month shy of 17 years. Andy medically retired on the last day of June 2013.

[bctt tweet=”‘If there is one thing I’d change about our society, specifically for the men, I would advocate strongly for them getting out and struggling on their terms every day. Have a visceral physical experience.’ – @AndyStumpf77 #men #dads #fathers” username=”gooddadprojct”]

What You’ll Learn

  • What inspired him to fly more than 18 miles in a wingsuit
  • About his 7,000 sky dives
  • Why base jumping is so much more dangerous than skydiving
  • How base jumping calms him down and makes him a happier person for months
  • Andy’s advice for guys who do have an outlet like base-jumping in their lives
  • The difference in the way he fathers his sons and daughters
  • How his background experience with his own father and the Navy SEALs influenced him as a father
  • How he uses the morning drive to school as contained ‘dad time’
  • The motivational words he says to his kids every morning
  • How we must execute leadership
  • How to think through your problems
  • Why we shouldn’t detach from our emotions
  • How to find a healthy way to express your emotions
  • Why we should never make decisions in a heightened emotional state
  • What’s next for Andy Stumpf

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