The Modern Revolution of the Masculine Heart with John Eldredge

Dad Edge Alliance Q&A: The Modern Revolution of the Masculine Heart with John Eldredge

What you’re going to hear today will hit you right in the chest and speak to your soul. You might question the direction of your life, and that’s a good thing. Beneath the negative events portrayed in the media, there is a modern revolution of the masculine heart taking place. Do you feel a call to adventure and a deeper, more fulfilling life?

Today we give you a sneak peek behind the curtains of one of our Dad Edge Alliance group calls. Bestselling author of Wild at Heart John Eldredge agreed to do a live Q&A with our guys. This is an emotional show full of incredible wisdom and answers to questions we might not have even known we had. Don’t miss this special episode of the Dad Edge Podcast!

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John Eldredge and Wild at Heart

John Eldredge’s story begins when he was thirty-one years old, working in DC in the political circle. He was a good husband and a good father to a toddler at the time. He had opportunities most men would dream of, like of sitting in on Supreme Court hearings, rubbing shoulders with the elite, and having lunch at the White House. He remembers after just having had the premier Washington experience and noticing there was something wrong with his reaction. He couldn’t care less.

John realized he was in a job he didn’t love, in a city he didn’t relate to, and in a life that wasn’t his. He had lost heart.

John was trying to sort through where to go, when one day, a friend asked him what kind of books he read. Were they about politics and government? John said no. He read books about the human heart and soul. It was clear that he had been in the absolute wrong line of work.

At the age of thirty-two, he went back to grad school and got a degree in counseling. He moved back to Colorado and built a practice. No matter who walked through his door, John noticed every guy, whether they had depression, addiction, marriage problems, etc., had the same core problem. They had lost their connection to their heart and their divine destiny.

John began to write and do lectures on the subject. He organized some retreats, and the idea began to resonate with men everywhere. He and his friend Brent Curtis wrote Sacred Romance together. Tragically, Brent was killed in a climbing accident, but John continued his mission and eventually wrote Wild at Heart.

His publisher actually rejected the manuscript first. This was a big mistake. The book became a phenomenon, outlining the universal central issues of masculinity. John was able to quit his private practice to write more and he is now also part of Ransomed Heart Ministries.

John says that despite the bad news we hear every day, there is a masculine revolution going on.

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What You’ll Learn

  • How to approach huge, overwhelming goals
  • The three types of adventures: casual adventure, crucial adventures, and critical adventures
  • How to express to our wives we need adventure without upsetting them
  • How and why to make adventures approachable
  • The ramifications of doing the masculine journey of life without divine guidance
  • How in most life issues, the core need is fathering
  • Why a father’s physical affection in the early years is critical
  • How the concept of masculinity has drastically changed for young men
  • How to help young men transition to the work force while still holding onto the principles you’ve taught them
  • Why young men need a craft or skill, not just for employment, but for a sense of self and satisfaction to the soul
  • Why we need to detach young people from technology
  • How to give our kids the father we never had
  • Why the ability to make mistakes is critical to good fathering
  • How to construct rites of passage for your kids
  • How to make up for not being a good father in the past
  • How to help a fearful child embrace adventure
  • The balance between protecting your kids while giving them room for adventure

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