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You Have Everything You Need to Be a Great Dad with Dr. Meg Meeker

Dr. Meg Meeker

Dr. Meg Meeker is best known for Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters and has spent more than 30 years practicing Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine where she counsels teens and parents. She is the National Best-Selling Author of Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters, 10 Habits of Happy Mothers, and Boys Should Be Boys. Dr. Meg is a popular speaker on Pediatric Health Issues for Children and Children/Parent Relationships. She is a frequent guest on National Syndicated Radio and Television Programs. She also works with the NFL (National Fatherhood Initiative). A famous quote that Dr. Meg stresses thoroughly is, “You are already wired with everything you need to be a good dad.”

Most of us constantly second-guess our skills and abilities. When we live isolated and we constantly question ourselves and we have that negative self-talk chatter that’s constantly in the background of our minds and our hearts, it’s really difficult to believe that statement. All we focus on is the things we are messing up, the things we are doing wrong and that can be so defeating.

Today, Dr. Meeker is going to be going over why fatherlessness is the biggest problem in our country. Your presence as a man and father has an enormous impact on your household. She also says why we should get the big stuff right and why it’s important to bring our kids into the world, such as bringing them to work. Dr. Meg shares a story of how her father used to bring her to work when she was a kid. Dr. Meg will also share how to be a good dad after a hard day. She will explain why expecting yourself to be 100% engaged as soon as you walk in the house after a really long day is unrealistic and how you can overcome this in a matter of minutes.

What You’ll Learn: 


Dr. Meeker talks about her childhood and what her father was like


Dr. Meeker talks about how she met her husband.


Dr. Meg talks about why she has a soft spot for a daughter and son’s relationship with their father.


Dr. Meg talks about how she got the inspiration to start writing books on fatherhood and how fathers are an integral part of a child’s life.


Dr. Meg talks about where the modern man can find the resources to become a good father in a society that praises women.


Being engaged with your wife and kids after you get home from work takes practice. Keep it simple.


Men resonate with simplicity.


Little gestures can have a large impact.


A child’s identity is shaped through 1:1 time with their parents.


Sitting down at the table for meals is a great way to connect with your kids.


A guest comes on the show to ask a question.


A guest comes on the show to ask a question.


A guest comes on the show to ask a question.


“You are wired with everything you need to be a great dad.”


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