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Sexploration and Intimacy Tips for Married Men with Dr. Corey Allan

Do you want more sex in your marriage? Many of us do, but have you ever asked yourself if the sex in your marriage is even worth having more of? Today, our guest gives us the intimacy tips for married men to have both MORE sex and BETTER sex with our spouses.

Dr. Corey Allan is the host of Sexy Marriage Radio and is back on The Dad Edge to teach us everything we’re doing wrong when it comes to approaching our wives about sex. He tells us to stop trying to fix our women and how to fix ourselves. Corey reveals women’s most common complaints on how their men derail their arousal, and what we can do to make sure our desire is clear without being needy or demanding. He also talks about how to get your woman on board with sexploration and games to fire up the bedroom.

Get ready to become the sexpert in your marriage!

Dr. Corey Allan

Dr. Corey Allan is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Professional Life and Relationship Coach. He’s also an author, blogger, speaker, husband, and father. His podcast, Sexy Marriage Radio, features straight-forward, honest conversations about what goes on behind closed doors in your marriage.

Naked Marriage

Many couples have a false notion of what married life truly is – and these rose-colored assumptions tend to heighten expectations to such unrealistic levels that couples find themselves frustrated and feeling alone.

What if marriage were designed for a specific purpose?
What if some of the problems faced in marriage are not meant to be solved, they’re meant to be lived through?

Because many people don’t understand what marriage is and could be, they hide from each other. To keep the peace, they continue the charades, each spouse reluctantly believing, “I guess this is just how it’s supposed to be.” Consequently, they refuse to get naked with each other in all of that word’s scary yet glorious permutations: emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Naked Marriage encourages you to find yourself and fully reveal yourself, so you and your marriage can become fully alive.

What You’ll Learn

  • The dynamic of higher vs. lower desire partners
  • In 60-70% of marriages, the man is higher desire partner
  • Men have more testosterone (the horny hormone) and are visually aroused
  • Men associate their sex life with their identity and tie self-worth to their appendage and performance
  • Is the sex you’re having together right now even worth wanting more of?
  • Men think the woman is broken if they do not need as much sex, but being the lower desire person is not wrong.
  • What women really need to be enthusiastic about having sex
  • A women’s body takes more time to catch up biologically and her desire can easily get derailed.
  • However, the woman must play her part in getting into the mood. It’s not just the man who is responsible for arousing her.
  • To get a wife going, work on yourself. Do you display consistency, character, and integrity?
  • Trust equals lust! Men must live trustworthy in all ways, big and small.
  • You can’t overly try to not disappoint the woman. Don’t try to be the nice guy. Be honest and real.
  • To truly have something of meaning and value there has to be some conflict.
  • The feminine is a security seeking creature. A woman needs the man be the captain.
  • Foreplay begins right after orgasm.
  • Should you accept mercy sex from your wife?
  • It’s not what you do. It’s how you operate and who you are.
  • Whenever your wife presents you with an option, make a decision. Do not defer to her. She is looking to you to make the call.
  • How to make sure your wife knows you’re into her without scaring her away
  • Husband’s do a bad job of setting the tone of the family. Don’t be a dictator. Be a decision maker.
  • Are you conscious and engaged with your family? Don’t try to split your attention when you are with them.
  • Stop with manipulative coverts and hints. A woman knows when a man wants to have sex with her.
  • Is it about satisfying your needs or being with her? Are you looking to get off or have an experience? She will be able to tell if you don’t want to connect more than just physically.
  • Sexploration techniques and bedroom games that add variety, spice, and opportunities to connect
  • Recovering from sexual experiences that didn’t turn out as expected is part of the intimate connection.
  • Laughter is a great aphrodisiac.
  • Corey Allan’s new Intimately Us app that makes conversations, date ideas, and sexploration easy.
  • How to present Intimately Us or any new sex ideas to your wife


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