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We CAN Have It All with John Goad

What You’ll Learn

5:15 Interview Begins

7:30 Quick to forgive

One of the things that John Goad remembers about his father is that he was quick to forgive and let things go. Today and as he grew up, he valued that and continues to see the importance of not holding on to anger.

10:55 Lessons from dad

 Although his dad left him lessons, the guest mentions that he has had his own journey in terms of fatherhood. At first he didn’t see much of his family because of work, so he was the fun dad, which led to some problems with his wife, but by identifying them and setting boundaries he was able to take his role.

18:58 Love is a Verb

Larry shares his opinion on what love is and how he takes it day by day to build the relationship with his wife.

20:03 Commitment

John Goad doesn’t think people know what it means “for life”, or the value of commitment. He and his wife share a faith and have been able to raise their children on that principle. He mentions that his most difficult moments in his marriage have been because of selfishness so he has learned to change his mentality to serve his family, even with just little things.

25:59 30 Years of Marriage Advice

If he could give one piece of advice to his 30-year-old self, it would be to be more decisive, take on more leadership and responsibility within his role as a husband and dad. To take things a little more seriously as he gets older, without putting aside fun, but focusing on his growth.

35:04 Raising Daughters

 Raising a daughter is a little different than raising a boy, many times girls want to be tough and compete with their dad to earn approval. Children, when they are little, are like sponges, and they absorb the good and the bad, so you have to be careful how you talk to them and what you say to them. Be careful about the relationship you want to establish with your daughters.

John Goad’s Links

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-goad-jr-a2a25312/



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