How to Start When You're Stuck Jason Womack

How to Start When You’re Stuck with Jason Womack

Today’s show is going to ramp you up! Jason Womack is an executive coach and bestselling author of Your Best Just Got Better and Get Momentum: How to Start When You’re Stuck.

He’s going to talk about why men are so good at starting things but not finishing them, and how to surround yourself with people who will instantly rocket you to where want to go.

He also shares two of his forward thinking tools that will completely blow your mind and crush the limited view you have of your future.

You show up, you do good work, and you stay in touch.

Jason Womack

Jason Womack is a force of energy. He is a speaker, coach, and author advising leaders worldwide. He invests his time, energy and focus serving as an agent of change. He is now a Professor of Leadership studies for the US Air Force

Jason Womack is not a father, but he does have advice that will alter every dad’s view of their future and how to prime ourselves for huge opportunities and experiences beyond our wildest dreams.

I’ve got to give myself the gift of my own attention.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to create the right conditions for success
  • How to be prepared to do the good work
  • How to differentiate yourself from others
  • Why it’s crucial to take care of ourselves—Chaos, surprise, and opportunities are coming you won’t be able to take advantage of it if you are not 100%
  • What you can do to be ready to before you need to get ready
  • The big 3 of self-care – Rest, Movement, and Nutrition and what they really mean
  • How to track your behavior and results and do objective/subjective analysis
  • Advice for men who feel guilty for spending time and money on self-care
  • Why journaling is important to your future
  • Stop judging until you journal for 6 months
  • Prove that who you were before was better than who you are today
  • Why you don’t realize how much you ARE growing through time (The Zeigarnik effect)
  • Why it’s better to control your direction instead of focusing a definitive goal
  • Two-way analysis
    • Past to present – Where you were and where you are now
    • Future to present – Where you are going to be and how you are going to put yourself on that course
  • Jason’s 2 powerful forward-thinking tools
    • 30-30 rule
    • Ideal Day Process
  • How to backfill the time the Universe gives you
  • How people limit themselves by what they think is possible
  • Write down what’s impossible, and it may drop in your lap
  • Larry’s live example of how to do the Ideal Day Process
  • Why Jason writes with his non-dominant hand
  • How to open up your consciousness to let new information in
  • If you want to change your health, wealth, or relationships, hang out and ask the person who has what you want
  • Why American men don’t ask for help
  • The moment you start hanging out with someone who is where you want to be, your life already changes
  • How to build your team
  • How to keep momentum
  • Not start stop and judge
  • What do you want to be known for?
  • Why awkward eye contact and vulnerability will change the world
  • Why cognitive diversity is the gateway to a better future
  • You don’t want likeminded men on your team, but those who think differently than you
  • Personal development advice – drop what doesn’t work for you, pick up what does, and make it your own
  • How to stop “shoulding” on yourself
  • Why practice does not make perfect – it makes it comfortable, normal, and accepted
  • Why and how to share what you’re working on
  • If you do not walk in armed with what you already unconsciously want, then you’re just going to listen to someone else and what they did and how they did
  • The fear of success and the thoughts that hold us back e.g. Don’t want more than you have. Share with everyone else. Who are you to want that?
  • Why we don’t finish what we start
  • What to do when you’re stuck
  • Clearing out ‘shoulds’ that are getting your way
  • Focusing on rituals and measuring results

Change who you spend time with and you’ll change your life.

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