Supporting Hopes and Dreams with AROCK

Being a parent who is supportive of our kids, hopes and dreams is something some of us are on board with and others aren’t because it sometimes makes us uncertain. Some of our kids have hopes and dreams that might not make sense to us and even makes us nervous. My guest today is one of the biggest icons in the music industry and he began his career at the age of 12. 

And if it wasn’t for his parents’ support, he wouldn’t be where he is today. My guest and I discussed what it means to support our kids, even when it feels uncertain, being a high demand celebrity while balancing fatherhood and what it means to truly chase your dreams.

Angel “AROCK” Castillo is the founder and CEO of bpm music, a music and tech company focused on providing musicians of all kinds with the tools they need to create and perform.

With a deep-rooted love for music and a passion for business, AROCK’s work spans a range of industries, including music, technology, marketing, sales and design.

What You’ll Learn

7:52 Interview Begins

8:24 How AROCK Started

AROCK explains how his DJ name came to be.He started in the music industry at the age of 12. He soon realized that he was doing much more things than just music, so he dropped the DJ from his artist name.

14:28 Fatherly Influences

AROCK mentions that his dad was initially supportive when he thought it was a hobby, but when he saw that AROCK took more interest in it than in school, some friction began. For AROCK, music kept him at home, but it also helped him understand various aspects of the business from a very early age.

19:35 Making Time

For AROCK, communication is key, but it is also about making time for your friends and not just for the big stars. He mentions that he treats everyone equally because it opens more doors and you get to know people better.

25:48 WOW Moments

AROCK mentions that one of the moments that has made a great impact on him the most in his life is when he decided to open his office in San Diego, many people told him that the industry was in other cities and that no one would come, but years later in San Diego, iHeartRadio a major radio station told him that most of his guests came because they came to see him.

The other big moment, was two years ago when he signed a deal with pioneer dj, which is a worldwide presence company, and he mentions that this deal came about when his dad passed away because of covid, and his dad was part of many beautiful things in his life, but just at this moment he realized that the company that arock had started was in the big leagues.

36:35 Raising Traits

For AROCK and his wife, the key to raising their children is manners, the little things that should not be forgotten, not because they have money and staff to do things for them, on the contrary, they teach them to be responsible for themselves.

41:57 Respect

For Arock, one lesson he always teaches his children is respect, for his mother, for himself, and for all other people.

44:21 Balance

Arock mentions that he used to miss a lot of things with his older son because he didn’t have much free time, now that his business is well established he can depend only on calls and the great team he put together and now he changes how he does things with his youngest son.

55:31 Making Things Right

For AROCK, one of the best things he has done in his life in general, but specifically with his wife is that no matter if it was at the beginning of his career or right now, he has always made time and space for her, to always win her over.

AROCK’s Links

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arock

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/arocksworld

Website: https://arocksworld.com

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