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Letting Go of Your Mistakes and Becoming Successful with Zach Babcock

When it comes to your life and making mistakes, I think we can all agree we have a hard time letting things go as men. Men, we are our worst enemy at times. Sometimes the hell that we are experience is 

Zach Babcock owns Alpha Underdog Empowerment. He is a great individual. He decided to go down a path that was not so positive and ended up spending time in prison. He came out of prison 8 years ago and he has done some remarkable things. 

His mission is to empower underdog entrepreneurs why sharing everything he has learned and to help them level up in business in life.

What You’ll Learn

5:52 Interview Begins

8:06 No Trimmin’

Zach and Larry both share stories about their beards. Zach is letting his beard grow until he has a six pack. That is his goal. Larry on the other hand has let his beard grow but shares a real funny story as to why he doesn’t let this beard grow all that much.

14:46 Stuffing Emotions

At the very young age of 6, Zach Babcock went throught a traumatizing experience when his father past away and quickly noticed that he would not let his emotions come out.

17:06 Father Figures

Larry and Zach Babcock talk about different experiences they had and the father figures they both saw in other men. The takeaway is how they both needed and wanted a man to look up to and help raise them.

22:05 Gangster Rapper

Zack Babcock shares with Larry how he looked up to Eminem and wanted to be a rapper in his younger days.

23:01 The Body Keeps the Score

As a child, Zach Babcock went through a lot of things that most men have not. One of those was that he was taken to a psych ward. He recommends a book called, The Body Keeps the Score, but he warns that it is a very deep book. The author narrates how and what it is like to be in a psych ward and Zach even says he shakes everytime he reads that book.

27:39 Teenage Years

As a teenager, Zach was in and out of junivile prisons, foster homes and simply not making the right choices for himself. He talks about Forest Gump and points out to specific examples of resemblance to his life.

29:13 Prison Years

Zach Babcock talks about his time in prison and what that was really like. He had a seven year sentence. He describes prison as a 24/7 psychological warfare.

32:45 Relationships Out of Prison

Regardless of the faults, his mother was always there for him and believed in him.

35:00 Mom’s Lung Cancer

Zach finds out his mom has stage 4 cancer. She passed away in 2015, less than a year he came out of prison.

38:00 Gratefulnes

Zach shares how he is grateful that he got to turn his life around and his mother was able to see that. He shares a pretty dark moment when he was in prison and he got a 30 second phone call with his mother to tell him that his sister passed away from a heroin overdose and his mother found her in the bathroom.

40:02 Encapsulating Determination

Zach talks about his channeling all the bad things but still was not offering a his full self as a father. He smashed goal after goal and he realized that he was not happy with his goals so that is when he realized there was healing that needed to happen.

54:46 Marriage

Zach describes it very easily: There’s no arrival. There’s no destination.

1:03:00 Impact of us as Fathers

Larry asks Zach what impact he feels his past has on his children in the now.

1:06:20 You’re an Outlier

1:09:19 Raising Daughters

Zach speaks about how he tries to be on his A game and show them how they should be trated. Larry also shares his experience with writing a chapter in his book.

Zach Babcock’s Links

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