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Master the Key: How to Free Your Potential with Mike Flynn

Everyone is talking about finding your “why” or your purpose in life. The idea is that once you know your why, everything else falls into place. But what if you don’t know your why or how to find it? What do you do when you realize you are trapped in a story that you would have never written for yourself? How do you become who you were created to be?

Today we have Mike Flynn back on the show. He is the host of the Impact Entrepreneur podcast and has just released his new book, Master the Key: A Story to Free Your Potential, Find Meaning and Live Life on Purpose.

Mike is going to teach us the 4 elements of ownership, why me must learn to sit in silence with ourselves, and how to find our why. He also reveals the most important key to stepping into our destiny—to believe we are worthy of it.


Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn has been advising individuals, as well as executives of companies large and small since 2005. And beginning in 2009, he felt called to do something more, something even greater. Mike commenced that journey in 2015 when he launched a podcast called The Impact Entrepreneur Show. Since then, he has had nearly 200 one-on-one conversations with some of the worlds most elite athletes, thinkers and entrepreneurs in an effort to discover how they are using their personal stories to have a game changing impact in the lives of others.

Master the Key

Master the Key is unlike any personal development book you’ve ever read. Mike illustrates the human quest to find meaning in life through a fictional story that leads readers to the truth.

His main character, Steve, suffers a financial downfall that leads him to a personal crisis. Through a series of conversations with a few wise people, he learns why his life is all wrong.

These factors have prevented him from a meaningful life:

  • Unconsciously allowing a circumstance or someone else’s story direct one’s self-narrative
  • Chaining one’s gifts to the pursuit of status and achievement
  • Allowing a comfort or fear to replace action
  • Misunderstanding the power of community

What You’ll Learn

  • How Mike Flynn’s fictional story helps people tap into and free their potential in a way they never expected or experienced before
  • Why simply knowing our “why” is not enough for us to be successful when pursuing our purpose in life
  • What we have to do before we find our why, which is to believe we are worthy of one
  • How to overcome the negative thoughts you are feeding yourself mentally
  • Why owning your worth and gifts is not egotistical but is actually the best way you can help others
  • How to analyze adversity in a way that it ferments into a fine wine that serves you
  • How to master your narrative and make your own story
  • How we oftentimes believe that if we don’t have the perceived outward success the world has prescribed for us, then we think we’re not worthy of it
  • How the only way to get what we’re worthy of is to be courageous and do something uncomfortable while focusing on a vision that things can be different
  • How to get out of your own way by sitting in silence with yourself
  • The importance of reflecting on the negative events and experiences of the past
  • How to overcome the belief that you are not good enough
  • Why silence scares us so much
  • Developing time tolerance
  • The number one thing a man wants from his spouse—her belief in him
  • How our gifts are often chained to the pursuit of status and achievement
  • How we show up in the world is usually how someone else expects us to show up in the world
  • The first step to Mastering the Key
  • How to own your story
  • How to own your gifts
  • The transformation that occurs when you shed others’ expectations
  • Unchaining your gifts so that you are free to rebuild yourself in your own way
  • When you’re not being intentional about your life, you use your gifts for the wrong purpose. That is why it doesn’t feel fulfilling.
  • The willingness to practice and hone
  • Owning action and owning your community
  • How we set ourselves up for compounding failure when we don’t know our worth
  • Why it may be dangerous to quit a job to pursue a passion
  • What to do before considering taking this leap


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