Ryan Alford talks about Resilience and Reinvention with Larry Hagner on The Dad Edge Podcast

Ryan Alford – Resilience and Reinvention

Ryan Alford is the CEO of Radical, a digital ad agency. He also hosts his own marketing and advertising podcast, The Radcast, which has over 130 episodes with listeners all over the world.

Ryan Alford and Larry Hagner discuss the importance of setting clear structures and boundaries in blended families. They emphasize the significance of being a positive role model for children and how children are keenly aware of their parents’ happiness and fulfillment. 

Their conversation also delved into the balance between love and discipline, showcasing the importance of providing clear expectations and examples for children to follow. Ryan Alford also touches on the impact of physical fitness on parenting, highlighting the role of exercise in maintaining mental and emotional well-being. He shares personal experiences of how fitness has positively influenced his parenting styles and relationships with his children.

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Showing up is 80% success.
  2. Blended families need clear structure.
  3. Prioritize family and set boundaries.

What You’ll Learn

00:03:46 Lessons from Bruce Buffer

00:11:11 Balancing Discipline and Relatability as a Parent

00:13:09 The Impact of a Principal’s Authority on Students

00:15:06 The Importance of Parental Happiness for Children

00:18:47 Blended Family Dynamics and Setting Boundaries

00:21:34 Establishing Roles and Expectations in a Blended Family

00:27:08 Leading by Example in Fitness and Parenting

00:30:11 The Importance of Clear Expectations for Children

00:32:46 Balancing Structure and Flexibility in Parenting

00:35:42 The Significance of Physical Fitness for Fathers

00:38:42 The Role of Fitness in Mental and Emotional Health

00:43:28 Debunking the Myth of Work-Life Balance




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