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Jeff Forrester – Helping our Teens Unleash Their Potential

Jeff Forrester is a speaker, DISC trainer, leadership consultant, author of the book “Unleashed Potential”, and a Success Coach for Hi-Lite Coaching + Consulting. Jeff has a true passion to help others and see them unleash their hidden potential.  He has spent the past 20+ years in corporate sales, marketing, and leadership.

Today, he joins Larry to share his story of transitioning from corporate to coaching, focusing on teenagers and young adults. He emphasizes the importance of humility and openness towards one’s partner, and how he had to face and let go of childhood self-esteem issues and mistakes he had made related to alcoholism, decision making, and pornography.

As parents, it is important to help our teenagers set foundations for future success. We need to encourage our teens to think ahead and take productive pauses to reflect on their decisions. We must also understand the adolescent brain and the gap between adults and teens, so that we can empathize and provide support. Additionally, we can provide our teens with extra coaching and guidance to help them reach their goals. 

In the end, parents need to be there for their teens and provide them with the tools and guidance they need to succeed. By setting foundations for future success, teens can make the most of their lives and reach their goals.

Unleashed Potential by Jeff Forrester

1st phorm Dad Edge Podcast

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Practice empathy with teens.
  2. Know your core values.
  3. Dare to be different.

What You’ll Learn

00:03:03 Be honest and humble.

00:07:06 Practice empathy with teens.

00:16:06 Find identity and self-confidence.

00:17:01 Know your values.

00:23:03 Set structure to achieve goals.

00:32:24 Dare to be different.

00:33:15 Dare to take risks and solve problems.

00:42:12 Develop mutual respect between parent and child.

00:44:24 Live Legendary.

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