Ruari Fairbairns – One Year No Beer: Path to Empowered Fatherhood

Ruari Fairbairns is the founder and CEO of OYNB. He is a leading figure in the health and well-being space known for his passionate advocacy for healthier living. Ruari has been instrumental in steering OYNB to the forefront of the alcohol-free movement, inspiring over 100,000 people worldwide to reassess their relationship with alcohol, and strive to become the best version of themselves.

Larry Hagner and Ruari Fairbairns discuss the impact of meditation, breathwork, and mindfulness on stress management and overall well-being. Ruari shares insights from his experience with a friend from AA and highlights the importance of understanding the underlying drivers of compulsive behavior. 

Ruari Fairbairns also shares success stories of individuals who have transformed their relationship with alcohol through a holistic approach that focuses on personal growth, trauma healing, and self-regulation techniques like meditation and breathwork.

He then explains how tools like neurofeedback and EEG devices can provide valuable insights into brain activity and help individuals cultivate healthier habits. The episode concludes with a discussion on the power of self-control and the importance of building new neural pathways to change addictive behaviors.

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Breathwork can significantly reduce stress.
  2. Data-driven approach enhances habit change.
  3. Addressing trauma is crucial for healing.

What You’ll Learn

00:02:21 – Ruari Fairbairns and One Year No Beer

00:03:10 – Personal Alcohol-Free Challenge

00:04:42 – Career in Oil Brokering

00:05:57 – The Power of Meditation

00:07:56 – The Challenge of Teenage Authority

00:11:07 – The Impact of Alcohol on Stress and Sleep

00:14:52 – Breathwork and Mindfulness

00:19:35 – Addressing Trauma and Stress

00:21:47 – The Body’s Response to Stress and Recovery

00:24:58 – Personal Development and the Program’s Impact

00:29:11 – The Complete Control Program

00:30:14 – The Misconception of Alcohol as the Problem

00:32:25 – Monitoring Stress with Technology

00:38:06 – The Controversy of AA’s Approach

00:40:12 – The Importance of Individual Tools for Behavior Change

00:42:29 – Teaching Control Over Drinking

00:45:09 – Building New Neural Pathways for Drinking Control


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