Amazing Dads Are there through all the “Ups and Downs”

As most of you know, we have started something a bit different at the Good Dad Project.  We have decided to do a story every week on one Inspiring Dad who is a part of our community.

Why are we doing this?

Because Dads are so important.  Yet, there is really nothing out there that recognizes the “Every Day Dad” and his contributions.

Well, we are here to change all of that.

I received this inspiring story about Ray Knourek this past week from his wife April.  Check out her story about Ray below.  It has so many golden nuggets.

April writes:

“So this is MY husband, Ray & my son Wyatt. I don’t even know where to begin, my husband is an amazing husband, father & provider for our family. When my son was born we decided it would be best if I stayed home to care for him … The impact that had on our family was huge, the financial strain worried me greatly but Ray assured me we would be okay. He works, literally, like a dog .. 70-75 hours a week so my son can have his Mother and so that we can enjoy the same lifestyle we’ve always known. He works tirelessly, when he is sick, tired .. you name it. There are times when Wyatt may only see Ray for an hour a day but Ray always makes sure that hour is the best part of both of their days whether it be story time, bath time … wrestling on the floor or just sitting camped out in front of the tv watching Blues Clues.”


A Great Takeaway from Ray’s Story:

Ray is obviously a very hard worker.  Despite the long hours, he is 100% engaged when he is in the presence of his son.  Even if it is only for one hour, he makes the most of it.

When I see stories like this, it challenges me as a father to ask myself if I am doing the same?  Am I always 100% engaged when I am around my kids?

The honest answer is “No.”

At times, I am distracted.  I am watching TV, checking email, or seeing the latest post on Facebook.  Ray sends an important reminder to us that quality time is a precious thing.  Time with our kids is one thing we can never get back.

April, thanks for sharing Ray’s story!  He is obviously a Dad with Purpose on Purpose.


If you are a mom and have a story to share about why your husband is an amazing Dad, please send me an email with a great photo.  Send to:  [email protected]

Please share Ray’s story on your social media if you thought this story was inspiring.

All the Best,


Founder of the Good Dad Project


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