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ChooseFI: Stock Market, Tax, and Retirement Hacks with Brad Barrett

Money, money, money, money. Today, we’re talking money. Episodes on finances are always popular on The Dad Edge podcast so we know you’ll want to hear today’s guest.

Brad Barrett is the cohost of wildly popular podcast ChooseFI (Financial Independence). ChooseFI is a little over a year old and already has millions of downloads. The show has started a financial independence movement that is taking root and spreading across the globe.

The best part is that Brad Barrett is not going to bog us down with numbers and complicated strategies. Instead he gives us super simple, actionable tips that we can use today. He shares hacks on how to save more money, how to shield ourselves from taxes, and gives us specific funds to invest in to avoid the fees on our retirement that compound to massive amounts in the future.

Get off the couch and claim your financial independence!

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What You’ll Learn

  • How Brad and his wife planned their financial independence
  • How to step off the hamster wheel of money
  • How people are so overwhelmed by debt, they don’t even try to it pay off
  • What shift in mentality is necessary to achieve financial independence
  • Common family finance flaws: not having a goal, not being a team, spending to mask insecurities
  • Why it’s not so much the amount of money you make, but how you control your expenses
  • How to spend mindfully
  • Breaking up financial goals into smaller 15-20 year projects
  • The Financial Independence Equation – How much money will you need to reach financial independence?
  • How mutual funds can suck up a quarter of your retirement savings and how hiring a financial advisor to manage them can cost you half your money
  • The beauty of index funds
  • How to pay the least amount of tax possible
  • How to max out pre-tax buckets
  • Why the HSA (Health Savings Account) is a magic account
  • The ETFs and Index Funds you should be putting your money into now

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