Optimizing Male Hormones for Fat Loss, Energy, and Libido with Alex Van Houten

Optimizing Male Hormones for Fat Loss, Energy, and Libido with Alex Van Houten

Behold the dadbod. How did we get this way? The stubborn belly fat that doesn’t go away no matter how hard we work. The muscle mass that’s harder to maintain than it used to be. We don’t have the same energy and stamina we used to. Maybe things have even cooled off in the bedroom.

Alex Van Houten is the founder of Defining Dadbod. He’s going to talk about how our chemistry changes after we become fathers and how to define the dadbod by optimizing our male hormones for fat loss, energy, and libido.

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Alex Van Houten and Defining Dadbod

Alex Van Houten was on track to become an orthopedic surgeon, but he noticed both the patients and doctors didn’t like the business. That was when he veered toward the prevention side of health and became a personal trainer. In his work, Alex often dealt with menopausal women and became interested in hormones and how they affect energy levels, body composition, and libido.

The changes women go through are complex, but men also go through distinct changes. When Alex became a dad he experienced himself what the male body goes through. He looked into it and discovered that there are scientific reasons for the infamous ‘dadbod,’ but men’s challenges with hormones don’t get the same attention as women’s.

Alex aims to change that with Defining Dadbod.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Why our bodies are not as responsive to diet and exercise as we age
  • The changes that occur for a dad after a baby is born
  • Why after a baby men have the lowest testosterone in their lives
  • The symptoms of low testosterone
  • The hormone pyramid
  • The affects of insulin on your testosterone
  • The affects of cortisol on testosterone
  • The 2 lifestyle changes and 2 nutrition changes that will being optimizing your hormones now
  • What kind of carbs to eat
  • How caffeine affects hormone levels and body composition
  • How to choose high-quality supplements and which ones you need
  • How to choose a high-quality protein supplement
  • Why guys should not eat soy
  • How as little as 9 drinks a week might be shrinking your testicles
  • The type of training that produces testosterone


Get Defining Dadbod’s
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