Modern Survival for Dads

Modern Survival for Dads with Mike Glover

For many of us, it’s a challenge just to get through the day. We’re stuck on the hamster wheel, running as fast as we can to nowhere. Not only do we lack clarity around our paths in life, but we also lack situational awareness when it comes to the daily environment around us. The world is not always a safe place, and complacency is deadly.

Today we have Mike Glover on the show. He’s an ex-Special Forces soldier, the host of the Modern Mindset 365 Podcast, and the founder of Fieldcraft Survival, where he teaches everyday people how to be prepared for any catastrophic event, accident, or natural disaster.

Mike teaches us modern survival for dads, which includes being empathetic, resilient, and deliberate in our actions. He also talks about how to protect our families and teach our kids what to do when their lives are in danger.

“Small victories accumulate into success.”—Mike Glover

Mike Glover

Mike Glover spent most of his life in the Army serving as an infantryman and Special Forces soldier. He started his career as a Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier where he learned Honor and Respect. After September 11th he tried out for US Special Forces where he served the remainder of his career in multiple positions including: Sniper, JTAC, Recon NCO, Team Sgt, Sgm, Breacher. He developed his mindset and the practice that he teaches today during his combat rotations in austere environments all over the world.

After being promoted to Sergeant Major in Special Forces, he began contracting with the US Government operating overseas, protecting government officials in dangerous environments. After his service and contracting days, he started a successful business called Fieldcraft Survival dedicated to training civilians, Law Enforcement, and Military personnel for the worst case scenario.

Mindset is Mike’s passion. He believes that it’s a tangible tactic that can be taught and made more resilient with training and an open mind.

What You’ll Learn

  • Mike Glover’s start in the military at the age of seventeen
  • Why Mike left his military career to create his business and start a family
  • Mike’s dream to start a brewery
  • How he got the idea to specialize in modern survival
  • How Mike’s parents’ divorce when he was five was beneficial to him
  • How his mom was the disciplinarian, and his dad was the emotional, compassionate parent
  • Mike’s fascination with the Hollywood depiction of men in the Special Forces
  • His issues in adolescence when he became rebellious, dropped out of school, and joined the service
  • Details on his grueling training for the Special Forces
  • How being stubborn got him through it
  • About his brand new baby twins, Ben and Penelope
  • How a child with unmet needs will turn into a needy person and set them up for failure
  • How he plans to balance his toughness with empathy when raising his kids
  • His commitment to being conscious and readily available with his kids in the present moment
  • His advice for distracted and stressed dads on how to be present with family
  • How to deliberately schedule the time you will spend with your children to set you up for success
  • How not having time to spend with your family is a task organization failure
  • How Mike holds himself accountable
  • How to overcome discomfort
  • Accepting the feeling that you’re failing as part of life
  • Using tactical patience—not to expect things to be resolved instantaneously, but learning to sit, think, and renegotiate
  • Situational awareness—what should the average guy be aware of when out with his family?
  • How routines make you complacent to dangers, crimes, accidents, disasters
  • To be prepared for the worst-case scenario, you need to deliberately plan like a soldier.
  • Staying focused and conscious of your actions (not operating on autopilot)
  • Why kids are the first ones to die in catastrophe
  • Protecting your kids by showing them how to cognitively process information and make decisions
  • How to develop scenarios for your kids and have them practice making fast, smart decisions in an emergency
  • When is it appropriate for a bullied kid to defend himself? When is it best for him to run away?

“Your thoughts and ideas are nothing without action.”—Mike Glover


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