Mike Baldwin – The Bulletproof Mind

Mike Baldwin is the VP of Operations for Grossman on Truth. He is also an experienced Law Enforcement Professional with a proven history in successfully working high profile and sensitive investigations, and co-author of the book “The Bulletproof Mind”. In this episode, Mike shares insights on developing a bulletproof mind and cultivating resilience. He also opens up about his upbringing in Arizona, growing up in a big family with parents who loved him and adopted him.

Mike Baldwin: A Journey through Law Enforcement

Throughout his 21-year career in law enforcement, Mike Baldwin served in various roles, including patrol officer, field training officer, SWAT team member, and detective. He found great satisfaction in investigating crimes, engaging with people, and learning from them. Mike’s ability to connect with others and gather information played a crucial role in his success as a detective.

Mike Baldwin’s Personal Reflection: The Impact of Adoption

Reflecting on his upbringing and the opportunities he was given through adoption, Mike Baldwin expresses deep gratitude. He acknowledges that without being adopted, his life could have taken a different path, potentially leading to substance abuse or other negative outcomes. Mike credits his heavenly father for guiding him and keeping him away from such destructive paths.

Personal Responsibility and Life Choices: Insights from Mike Baldwin

Mike Baldwin shares an example from his experience as a law enforcement officer, where he would interview suspects who would blame others for their actions. He would remind them that they are responsible for their choices and need to take ownership of their lives. He challenges men to examine their own actions and not use their upbringing or circumstances as an excuse for their behavior.

Breaking the Cycle of Dysfunction: Advice from Mike Baldwin

Mike Baldwin discusses the importance of making choices that lead to positive outcomes. He mentions that individuals who grew up in dysfunctional homes have the choice to break the cycle and create a better life for themselves and their families. He encourages men to reflect on the kind of men, husbands, and fathers they want to be.

The Role of Accountability in Success: A Perspective from Mike Baldwin

By being accountable to oneself, to others, and to a higher power, individuals are able to navigate challenges, stay motivated, and work towards their goals. Whether it is personal growth, maintaining healthy relationships, or excelling in the professional sphere, Mike Baldwin emphasizes that accountability plays a vital role in leading to success.

  1. Take responsibility for your choices.
  2. Resilience is key to success. 
  3. Love without expecting anything back.

What You’ll Learn

00:01:04 Adopted at age four, grateful.

00:07:21 Take responsibility for your life.

00:12:26 Trust the process, despite feelings.

00:22:41 Bulletproof mind for personal growth.

00:26:21 Leading with core values.

00:30:44 Unconditional love and communication matter.

00:38:54 Accountability is essential for success.

00:43:32 Accountability leads to better results.

00:49:08 Prioritize marriage and family relationships.

00:56:06 Love is a verb, not just a feeling.

01:05:10 Value family, protect and love.

01:09:22 Love without expecting anything back.

01:14:08 Prayer guidelines for children explained.




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