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Positive Fatherhood with Roger Mathews

Today we have a celebrity guest, Roger Mathews from the Jersey Shore. He was JWoww’s boyfriend in the show, and they got married and had two kids. They are now divorced, and Roger only gets to be with his children 50% of the time, but that doesn’t stop him from being a 100% dad. What you’re going to hear today about his take on fatherhood is going to surprise you.

Roger Mathews talks about his upbringing and the amazing connection he has with his father. He talks about the lessons in money management he will pass on to his kids, and how he manages their screen time. He gets real about dealing with a special needs child. Most important of all, Roger talks about focusing on the positive in fatherhood and trying to put good things into the world in spite of the chaos that is happening right now.

What You’ll Learn


Before becoming a father, Roger already had an experience of what a great dad is. Roger says that he’s very close to his father and they have a special bond between them.

He describes his dad to be soft-spoken and he would rarely punish his children for doing anything wrong. It was generally his mom who did the heavy lifting.

Here are a few important lessons Roger learned from his dad:

  1. Financial literacy: There was one quote his dad said about finance: “if you can’t pay for something you, you probably don’t deserve it.” Roger says that he himself uses his dad’s quotes to teach his children.
  2. Another quote that Roger remembers, “There’s nothing in this world you can do to extend your time on earth, but there’s a lot of things you can do to shorten it.” This taught Roger early on how crucial his life is and how important it is to protect it.
  3. His dad was a spiritual person and Roger talks about a lot of other quotes that helped him navigate through life with a spiritual perspective.


Coming to Roger as a dad, he’s a proud father of a 4 and a 6-year-old. 

He’s very adventurous and loves to go out whenever he sees a moment. He also encourages his kids to go out.

Roger explains that before getting kids, his life was more “selfish” but after having them, he lives for his kids.


Later in the interview, Roger was asked how be a dad to a special needs child.

Roger says that this is the most common question he gets, and honestly, every child is different. How he treats his child is probably not the best way you should treat yours.

His son, Grayson is diagnosed with autism. Roger says he does everything that needs to be done. His son takes therapy every week and is mild to moderate on the spectrum.

Roger further explains how he hates the word “normal.” He says that every one of us has something different from normal that makes all of us not “normal.”

He emphasizes the point of not giving labels to kids because it goes deeper into their subconscious and becomes their reality.


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