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Eddie Penney – Living Life UNAFRAID

Eddie Penney is an esteemed and highly decorated former U.S. Navy SEAL turned entrepreneur who has devoted his life to the pursuit of excellence and service to his country. Additionally, he is a Warrior Mindset Mentor, Speaker, Motivator, and CEO of Contingent Group, a company providing customized, adaptive, and flexible risk mitigation solutions in the form of a full-service consulting, development, and implementation security company serving in both foreign and domestic capacities.

Recently, he joined Larry on the Dad Edge Podcast and candidly discussed his journey of becoming a father, touching on his own dad’s lack of involvement in his upbringing. Furthermore, he delved into the generation of fathers before him who solely strived to provide and explained how he needed to learn from scratch when it came to raising his own four sons.

Choosing to live unafraid is a powerful decision that can enable us to make the most of our lives. This approach involves embracing the unknown, taking risks that can help us grow, confronting our fears, seizing opportunities, and being open to learning from our mistakes.

Consequently, by living unafraid, we can become more confident, courageous, and resilient. Additionally, we can achieve greater success in our endeavors, as we are more likely to take risks and make bold decisions.

Ultimately, by investing time in our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical growth, we can become better versions of ourselves and lead more fulfilling lives.


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Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Fathers need to lead.
  2. Obey God for protection.
  3. Be unafraid to take risks.

What You’ll Learn

00:03:01 Provide and lead with love.

00:09:53 Give quality time to children.

00:10:06 Be emotionally prepared for changes.

00:17:10 Obey God for protection.

00:20:41 Change your life for the better.

00:25:41 Live with intention and purpose.

00:30:26 Take control of your lifestyle.

00:35:42 Be unafraid and empathetic.

00:45:29 Be active and listen.

00:46:09 Teach with respect and kindness.

00:54:38 Invest in personal growth.

00:56:08 Live unafraid.






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