Life Live & Raise Your Kids Through Adventure with Chad Mendes

Chad Mendes is an absolute MMA legend, He is doing some amazing things in the world. Today he will share quite a lot about his life, things like, how he raises his kids through adventure, a very cool message indeed.

We also talk about how he leverages time and how he operates within the containers he has setup to make sure he is on point to make sure he is not disctracted because in today’s world, it is easy for us to get so distracted. I think you will enjoy the episode as much as I did. Let’s dive right in.

What You’ll Learn

6:19 Interview Begins

7:00 Chad talks about how he got into sports at the early age of 4 and at 5 he started wrestling non-stop until college.

11:28 Chad shares with us about his connection with his father as a young man through wrestling.

14:00 The 5 Love Languages – Larry shares a funny story about one of his sons and his own love language.

19:03 Relationships and Learning From your past
Chad talks about what he saw as a child from the example leds by his father and how that has helped shape him into what he did not want to be come in terms of relationships.

26:23 How being a fighter helps your relationships

31:00 Time management and containers
Larry and Chad talk about the ways they go about taking time back and stepping into a life not guided by social media and external factors to help create containers around the things that matter most.

38:52 The Importance of Finding Your Tribe
Chad talks about finding like-minded individuals to get together and share important values in order to move forward and continue growing.

44:15 Chad’s Future for Himself and his kids
Larry guides Chad through a visualization to help him step into what he wants to create over the next 30 years and Chad brings it back to his childhood and what he learned from his father.

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