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Trine Schmidt and Loise HeartHenley – Time-In Tuesdays: Tune into Reflection, Growth, and Fulfillment

Trine Schmidt and Loise HeartHenley are the creators of the Fulfillment Scale, where you learn where you are at on your personal growth journey, how to recognize growth, and how you reach daily fulfillment in everything you do. Their mission is to connect people’s hearts and now share their method of ‘Time-ins’ with everyone so they don’t have to walk the journey alone. 

In this episode of the Dad Edge podcast, Larry welcomes Trine and Loise, two non-dads from Denmark, to share their perspectives. Loise, a proud mother of four girls and a grandmother, discusses the reactions she receives when people learn about her all-female family. 

Larry also shares his own experience of being a father to four boys and the common reactions he receives. Loise emphasizes the importance of self-belief and personal development. Meanwhile, Trine Schmidt echoes the sentiment of self-belief and adds the importance of patience.

Both Trine Schmidt and Loise HeartHenley’s advice focuses on the internal aspects of parenting rather than external tactics or strategies. This highlights the significance of self-awareness and self-care in raising resilient and confident children. When parents believe in themselves and practice self-compassion, they are better equipped to navigate the challenges of parenting and provide the necessary support for their children’s emotional development.

Overall, the episode emphasizes the importance of taking time each day to “tune in” to oneself. By checking in with one’s thoughts, emotions, and intentions, individuals can better navigate their personal and professional lives.

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Focus on self and communicate. 
  2. Self-awareness leads to better relationships.
  3. Tune-in to yourself daily. 

What You’ll Learn

00:04:12 Self-care and self-belief are key.

00:09:46 Men need simplicity in learning.

00:11:33 Self-reflection is crucial for personal growth.

00:17:58 Observing thoughts and emotions transforms.

00:24:40 Take responsibility for your own happiness.

00:32:35 Be curious, not defensive.

00:38:59 Recognize progress and celebrate growth.


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