Extreme Ownership for Fathers with Leif Babin

Extreme Ownership for Fathers with Leif Babin

What’s the most important quality of a leader? How can we use leadership to become a more effective father, husband, and man? And how can we teach our kids to be responsible and accountable for their actions?

Our guest needs no introduction. Former US Navy seal officer Leif Babin. He coauthored the #1 NY Time bestseller, Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win, and The Dichotomy of Leadership with Jocko Willink. He is also cofounder of Echelon Front, a premier leadership consulting company that helps others build their own high-performance winning teams.

Leif Babin is going to tell us the most important quality of a leader—whether it’s in SEAL teams or at home—and his answer will surprise you. He’s also going to talk about how he applies combat rules to family life, how to detach from emotions to be more effective, and how to be proactive to find solutions and get things done.

“The most humbling lesson of fatherhood is that your control is quite limited.”—Leif Babin

Leif Babin

Leif Babin served thirteen years in the Navy, including nine in the SEAL Teams. He is the recipient of the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, and a Purple Heart. He left active duty with the Navy in 2011 to start Echelon Front, which offers unmatched solutions in leadership, strategy, innovation, safety and risk mitigation, team building, and crisis management developed and proven in combat. He’s also the father of two “free-spirited” kids, a four year old son and a two year old daughter. Leif says from the moment they were born, it’s been a clash of wills and he now appreciates what he put his parents through.

“Humility is the most important quality in a leader.”—Leif Babin

What You’ll Learn

  • Why humility is the most important key to leadership
  • Why our ego prevents of from asking for help
  • How our ego makes us complacent and prevents us from innovating and adapting
  • How to do a brutally honest assessment in the mirror to improve and succeed
  • Why fathers must check their ego in conflicts with their kids
  • How to lead and communicate or set a better example for your kids
  • Why Leif says raising kids is harder than leading SEAL teams
  • How fatherhood is like combat leadership
  • Why you’ve got to come up with a flexible plan to adapt and react
  • The greatest lesson for Leif as a husband
  • Using the second law of combat in marriage – communication must be simple, clear, and concise
  • Why an indirect approach is more effective in communication with your wife
  • How Leif leans on his mom, dad, and Jocko Willink
  • Why strong people are the ones who ask for help
  • The cover and move technique – How can I cover my spouse so she can move?
  • Why you shouldn’t wait for you wife to ask for help
  • How day to day family issues are not about you, it’s about the mission
  • How to be proactive in getting things done
  • The mistake of waiting for society to solve your kids’ problems
  • Leif’s thoughts on bullying
  • How to let your kids brush up against the guardrails of failure from a young age
  • How to teach ownership and responsibility
  • To spank or not to spank?
  • Why as a father, it’s not what you preach, it’s what you tolerate
  • The importance of following through with your punishments
  • Setting reasonable expectations for little kids
  • Why constant yelling is ineffective and can be dangerous
  • How to prioritize your discipline and guidance
  • How to build resilience against emotional outbursts
  • How to detach from outcomes, analyze, and make the call on the highest priority action
  • Why Leif and Jocko Willink wrote The Dichotomy of Leadership
  • Leif Babin’s plans for the future for Echelon Front

“If you’re solving all your kids problems, they’re not learning how to solve problems themselves.”—Leif Babin

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