4 Questions to Crush Self-Sabotaging Thoughts
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4 Questions to Crush Self-Sabotaging Thoughts

In our last episode, Wes Chapman shared his horrific story of trauma and how his whole life he had been told that he would never be a normal, successful, happy person because of what he went through. Wes healed and soared above his past. If he believed in his heart what all the doctors and adults told him, he would never be able to become the extraordinary man he is today.

It’s bad enough when other people are putting us down, but for many of us, our worst enemy is ourselves. We tell ourselves we’re not good enough, that we’re not capable, or that we’re inadequate. This negative self-talk silently kills us every day.

In today’s short episode I give four questions we can ask ourselves to crush self-sabotaging thoughts.

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