Creating Unrivaled Leadership with Clint Hoopes

On this episode with Clint Hoopes, we talk about leadership! If things are good in your business and you’re the leader, then it’s you. And if things in your business are bad, it’s on you. It’s always leadership. The success and the failures always reside on leadership. 

Our leadership skills are insanely important if we want success in business, but within our marriages as well. Leadership shows up everywhere. In parenting, with how we raise and lead our kids.

My guest, Clint Hoopes is the proud father of 6 children as well as a Podcast Host and Executive Coach for Business Owners/Leaders who are husband, fathers, and family men.

 Over the years he has led hundreds of employees in various roles from manager level to CEO. During that time, he and his wife continued to grow their family. 

While leading hundreds of people in different industries, he has found what works and has used and taught these transformative principles and systems with life changing success. He now focuses on coaching leaders to discover the Father First Effect in their own lives.

What You’ll Learn

Summary & Show Notes:

6:43 Interview Begins

15:50 Quantity vs. Quality

One lesson that Clint continues to learn this day in his life is to find how to give the right quantity and quality of time to what is important between his work and his personal life. Of all the people he has interviewed, the most successful are the ones who have found a way to build their business and their personal life, it’s quite a journey to be able to do it, all the time you have to be readjusting and reinventing yourself.

21:39 All my attention

Clint illustrates with an example what he has learned about marriage from his podcast. He says that he traveled and worked a lot, and the advice he was given was to spend more time with his wife, obviously easier said than done, so he made it a goal every day to give her his attention when he came home from work, no distractions, no phones, all his attention went to his wife. That helped him improve their relationship a lot.

33:27 Why I started podcasting

Clint Hoopes says he grew up in a very good home and considers himself very lucky or blessed. As a family they were perfect and that’s where he had a lot of pressure to do something, he had a lot of expectations to do or be perfect and achieve the success of his siblings, but that came from him not from his family. That’s where the idea of helping others with his podcast was born.

42:57 Childhood influence

One thing he keeps in mind about his childhood is that his parents were always there even for what could be called “little things”. His parents never made him feel like a burden, a chore or an obligation, they always told him they were grateful for him and his siblings, and he always felt loved, and for him it has been a milestone in his life, because that is how he wants and has tried to make his children feel.

58:48 Not everything in life is going to be easy.

Clint talks about all the happy moments but he also tells through a story, the day one of his kids was born, and instead of thinking about his baby and wife, he was thinking about work, so his wife told him if she couldn’t have him mentally there, he better go finish his work stuff and then come back. By not being a solid person at work, it affected a part of his personal life and that made an impact on him because it wasn’t what he had larned from his parents growing up or what he wanted with his family, so realizing that has helped him and how he can help others.

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