how to develop self-confidence and become the best version of yourself David Wygant

How to Develop Self-Confidence and Become the Best Version of Yourself with David Wygant

Self-confidence is something most men struggle with every day, but the majority of us suffer in silence. But what if you had tools and resources to become confident and live your life as the best version of yourself?

David Wygant is a dating coach and inspiration for the movie Hitch. He helps men and women deal with insecurities and tackle fear to become the best version of who they’re meant to be. Today he shares his surprising secrets on why men lack self-confidence and how we can get it back.

Lack of Self-Confidence is NOT Hardwired into Our DNA

When David played baseball in 6th grade, he remembers his coach calling his father the wrong name. His father never spoke up to correct the coach and allowed himself to be called the wrong first name the entire season. This made a deep impression on David, who was determined not to end up like his dad.

David says that we are all born fresh souls. We don’t come into this world with low self-confidence; we learn from watching our parents.  So he began walking the streets of New York to observe people and discovered that when you’re able to connect and read people, you come across as the most confident person in the world.

What Happened to Our Belief in Ourselves?

When we’re young, we know what we want. We have big dreams and are not old enough to doubt ourselves yet. But then bullies, teachers, parents, and culture break us down. They tell us our dreams are stupid or unrealistic. Eventually, we end up believing it.

Listening to Fear Instead of Intuition

Confidence isn’t taught in school or college, and men feel they have nowhere to go. Men are afraid of being vulnerable and want to avoid confrontation. We live mostly in our heads, and when these issues stay inside, they can never be resolved. We end up living our lives according to our fears instead of following our intuition.

Go Back to Who You Were Before the World Screwed You Up

Like David watched how his father behaved, your kids are watching you. They see if you’re acting weak with others. So what’s the first step to becoming more self-confident?

David Wygant says first to know you’re not alone. You’re in the majority. Many men suffer from a lack of self-confidence. But your ego is preventing you from reaching out, and if you lead an egotistical life, you’ll make the same mistakes over and over again and die without accomplishing your dreams. To stop the cycle, you must step out of comfort zone and expose your vulnerability. Admitting you’re weak puts you in a position of strength and is the only way to give yourself the opportunity to get help.

David Wygant’s Dadly Wisdom

Have no expectations for your kid. None.

You might dream of your child becoming quarterback or a lawyer, but you must give up your ideas of who they should be and allow them to be the wonderful person they are.



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