Everything is Gonna Be Alright, Alright, Alright with Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey

Alright, alright, alright is the famous phrase coined by the illustrious Matthew McConaughey. He is an actor, father, husband, and author. When Matthew was younger, his father instilled in him three principles for life – “Don’t say can’t,” “love, don’t hate,” “tell the truth, don’t lie” and he has carried these principles throughout his life.

Matthew McConaughey has acted in over 50 films and is the co-founder of the Just Keep Livin’ Foundation alongside his wife, Camila. The two have three children and currently reside in Austin, Texas. Throughout his life, Matthew has learned that putting the energy into your family will produce results far greater than if you go it alone. He recalls his wife saying, “You go, we go” when they were deciding whether or not to have children. Since having three children, Matthew has been cultivating a closeness with his children that leaves a legacy for years to come.

In his book Greenlights, Matthew talks about how he wants his life to read like an unfiltered, unedited version of himself. His whole life has been dedicated to this persona of an actor that everyone is familiar with. Leaving a legacy is all about the raw, unedited moments of our lives; the ones where we’re not perfect and we do make mistakes. These are the moments that define who we are, not who everyone else thinks we are.

What You’ll Learn: 

Humble Beginnings


Any real dad knows that being a father is more than just making a baby.


Matthew recalls his 50th birthday party where two hundred of his closest friends came together and they all started to become good friends. He says that this brought him joy because he wasn’t even a part of the situation and yet the people that he had brought together, were making friends with one another.


Matthew recalls his wife telling him, “You go, we go,” and at that moment, he realized that she was in it for long haul.


Matthew remembers talking with three different actors who chose to put their focus toward their work instead of their family and have since regretted it. Matthew has found the balance between both because he brings his family with him wherever he goes.

Put the energy into your family and you can never go wrong. To teach your kids the power of consequence is much harder than being the yes man by letting them figure it out themselves.

Lessons Ingrained in the Learning


Matthew recalls his father’s talk with him about treating women with respect.


Matthew’s father instilled in him three values that would later become habits that he would teach his children:

-Don’t ever say you can’t

-Love, don’t hate

-Tell the truth, don’t lie


Don’t half ass it.


Matthew recalls calling his father and telling him that he wanted to go to film school instead of law school.


Acting was the first thing that Matthew ever did that wasn’t a fad. He recalls his father being alive for the five days into his acting job before he passed away.

Keeping the Marriage Alive


Sometimes our lives become consumed with being parents that we assume our spouses are okay. Matthew tries to balance pursuing his wife by setting aside time and also having a full-time career. Nobody likes to schedule romance.

Life is a Movie


Matthew recalls a section from his book Greenlights that talks about directing his life like a movie. He talks about getting rid of the filters in life and becoming the raw, unedited version of himself. Life is the greatest art. Our main problem is that we think it’s too hot before it even gets warm.

10 Year Celebrations


Even though his family will eventually spread out over the world, Matthew hopes that they will have maintained that close relationship with him. He wants to be his children’s best friends.


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